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Criminal Justice

Accessory Anyone who knows about a crime or who conceals evidence of a crime.
Larceny The illegal theft or stealing of another person's property.
Libel Publishing written or drawn material meant to harm someone's reputation.
Subpoena A legal order requiring an individual to appear in court.
Witness Anyone who testifies before a court.
Forgery False writing or changing something written with intent to defraud.
Jury A group of citizens selected to hear evidence in court.
Assault An attempt or threat to physically harm a person.
Burglary Breaking into someone's home with the intent to commit a crime.
Slander Saying false things about a person in public that may hurt his or her reputation.
Arraignment When someone accused of a crime is brought to court to hear the charges and to plead guilty or not guilty.
Verdict A jury's decision.
Misdemeanor A less serious crime than a felony.
Robbery Taking another person's personal property or money by use of violence or a threat of violence.
Ordinance A written law for a town or city.
Negligence Failure to use reasonable care.
Fraud A dishonest act intended to deprive another person of his or her rights or property.
Embezzlement Stealing personal property that the owner has entrusted someone to care for.
Conspiracy When two or more people agree to commit an illegal act.
Arson Deliberately burning or having a house or building burned.
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