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Gen. Man. Proc. 401

Offense/ Incident/ Supplemental Reports

All officers that make the scene of a felony call with a __ SHALL write a __ report within AFR, detailing what actions they took or witnessed at the scene. APPREHENSION, supplemental
All officers assigned to a call shall provide detailed comments by utilizing the __ button on their Call For Service screen (CFS) whether they write an AFR report or not. ADD COMMENTS
For those officers that did not make the scene and their actions were not material to the call, they shall add the appropriate comments to the CFS screen and then use the __ button to return to service. COVER AVAIL
Apparent Sudden Deaths are prepared as offense reports except deaths resulting from what? traffic accidents
Should hand written reports become necessary, copies will be forwarded to the appropriate follow up units, no later than the __ of their tour of duty. END
All reports requested by the follow up units will be completed within __ hrs from the date of the report. 24
Offense/ Incident reports written by __ members and __ assigned to the Service Expediter System will be reviewed by the __ Detail. non-sworn, officers, Report Review
The __ or __ of towed vehicles is reported to the police __ Agent at the Service and Security Agents Desk at __ (207-7610) or the Service and Security __ (207-7324). relocation or repossession, Service, HQ, Office
Reports requiring CALL-IN notification are submitted at the end of a tour of duty with the words __ written at the top of the report. CALLED-IN
Members shall not include the __ of individuals in the __ section of reports, with the exception of __ names. names, details, officers
Do not use __ or __ agent of any sort to correct errors made on reports. liquid paper or whiteout
If an error is made when writing a police report simply __ through the error and __ the error. draw a line, initial
Created by: toniazzo
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