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Risk Reduction Match

Gr 8 Health Lesson 1 Dangerous Situations

SituationPossible Solution
street racing in a car or racing ATVs or snowmobiles Tell the driver to slow down, or get out/off of the car or machine.
playing contact sports without equipment Put on equipment or refuse to play
jumping or diving into unknown waters Find out how deep it is before you jump
stunt biking/taking your bike off jumps practise on smaller jumps, and make sure you wear a helmet.
getting into a fight at school Apply conflict resolutions skills
driving your ATV or snowmobile Make sure the ground is solid (e.g., the ice is thick enough), and you have a helmet on.
cooking meat while making dinner Ensure the internal temperature of cooked food is high enough to kill germs/bacteria and that food preparation surfaces are clean.
jay walking Cross at the designated light or area.
walking alone at night Walk with a friend or stay in well lit areas
riding in a car with older kids Make sure you’re wearing a seatbelt, turn down the music, and don’t distract the driver.
taking public transit or taxis alone Make sure someone knows when you’re leaving and call that person when you arrive at your destination.
your friends are doing something you know is illegal (i.e., trying to buy cigarettes, drinking underage) Walk away, or pretend you have somewhere you need to be.
getting a piercing or tattoo Talk to a trusted adult and ask them to help you find an appropriate studio that follows current safety practices.
playing with fire Find something else to do, or ask an adult for some help to make sure you’re safe.
playing with or near farm equipment Play in an alternate location where you won’t get hurt.
Created by: shuawinona