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Chapter 1 HIT

HIT Definitions

Healthcare providers depend on ______ for timely and accurate information being available in the computer systems to make decisions on how to treat patients’ afflictions. HIT
The _____ Act regulates how ______ interacts with third parties and requires healthcare facilities to move toward electronic solutions to store patient data and to no longer use paper forms and charts for retaining patient records. HITECH, HIS
A patient’s ______ is a collection of all patient information about a patient from all visits to a particular hospital. A patient’s ______ is a collection of all patient information about a patient from all visits to any hospital. EMR, EHR
An X-ray, _____, and ______ are examples of medical imaging created in the Radiology department MRI, CT
A _____ is a secure and private network of computers through the Internet. VPN
HIT Healthcare Information Technology
VPN virtual private network
If a patient in the ED has an acuity level of five, what is the general condition of that patient? non-life threatening
What is the primary goal of HIT staff provide accurate and timely information about patients to health providers
Whose responsibility is it to communicate with the medical staff concerning IT functions? HIT staff
a birth center an acute care facility or a long-term care facility acute care facility
acute care short-term and severe afflections
long-term care ongoing care after diagnosis
Which department in a hospital is responsible for billing? administrative offices
Where does a patient go in a hospital to get an X-ray? radiology department
List the three ways to enter a hospital inpatient, outpatient, emergency department
If a patient comes to a hospital for a surgical procedure that will take 8 hours, from beginning to end, which classification of patient is this? outpatient
Research on the Internet to find the government website that explains the HITECH Act. Which U.S. Department sponsored the HITECH Act and in what year was it signed into law? HITECH, Februrary 17, 2009
stats to expedite something
triage assessment of the l hospital used to determine the priority of the patient for being seen by a physician
acuity level of severity of affliction
chief complaint primary reason a person goes to the ED
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
ONC Office of National Coordinator for HIT
OCR Office of Civil Rights
HIPAA Designed to protect health information used by health insurance plan providers
meaningful use to help healthcare providers know about their patients, make better decisions, and save money by using HIT in a meaningful way
eligible providers hospitals or professionals participating in incentive programs must meet meaningful use criteria to be eligible to receive incentive money
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Most recent standard format for electronic claims transactions Version 5010
HITECH Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
Social welfare program to provided health and medical services for certain citizens and families with low incomes and few resources Medicaid
Social insurance program to provided hospital and medical care for elderly Medicare
Do federal or state agencies administrate Medicare? Medicaid? Medicare is administrated by federal agencies, Medicaid is administrated by state agencies
PHI protected health information
Health plans, health clearinghouses, healthcare providers covered entities
HIPAA aims to ensure ____, _____, and _____of e-PHI. confidentiality, integrity, availability
Are required as part of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR
a facility that offers care for patients with ongoing recovery from a disability. Rehabilitation hospital or center
a long-term care facility that offers an apartment-style living situation for patients or residents who need assistance in daily activities? Assisted living residence
The __________ is sometimes referred to as the front door of the hospital. Emergency department
________ refers to the assessment of the level of care a patient needs when he arrives at the hospital. Triage
For an inpatient in an acute care hospital who would most likely record a patient’s medical history including medications, procedures, and problem list? Nurse
Uses strong magnetic fields and radio signals to create an image of a patient’s body Magnetic resonance imaging
What is the primary reason that meaningful use is being implemented? improve patient care
Meaningful Use comprises core measures and _________ measures. menu
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