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Medical: #05

SUFFIXES (selected): That Pertain to Pathological Conditions

-algia Pain in the tooth, tooth ache
-asthenia Abnormal condition characterized by nervous weakness, exhaustion and prostration that often follows depression
-betes General term used to describe diseases characterized by excessive discharge of urine
-cele Hernia of the bladder that protrudes into the vagina
-cusis Impairment of hearing that occurs with aging
-derma Dry skin
-dynia Pain in the ear, earache
-ectasis Chronic dilation of a bronchus or bronchi, with a secondary infection that usually involves the lower portion of a lung
-edema Swelling of the optic disc, usually caused by increased intracranial pressure (ICP)
-emesis Excessive vomiting
-ion Process whereby a pathogenic (disease producing) microorganism invades the body, reproduces, multiplies and causes disease
-itis Inflammation of a bursa (padlike sac between muscles, tendons and bones)
-kinesis Excessive muscular movement and motion; inability to be still; also known as hyperactivity
-lepsy Chronic condition with recurrent attacks of uncontrollable drowsiness and sleep
-lexia Condition in which an individual has difficulty in reading and comprehending written language
-malicia Softening of the bones
-mania Impulsive disorder consisting of a compulsion to set fires or watch fires
-megaly Characterized (in the adult) by marked enlargement and elongation of the bones of the face, jaw and extremities
-mnesia Condition in which there is a loss or of memory
-noia Mental disorder characterized by highly exaggerated
-iod Literally means resembling a solid substance
-oma Malignant tumor arising in epithelial
-opia Vision defect in which parallel rays come into focus beyond the retina; occurs normally with aging; farsightedness
-oxia Deficient amount of oxygen in the blood cells and tissue
-pathy Any disease of the retina
-penia Deficiency of bone tissue, regardless of the cause
-pepsia Difficulty in digestion; indigestion
-phagia Loss or lack of the ability to eat or swallow
-phasia Impairment of speech caused by a
-phobia Fear of heights
-plasia Excessive formation and growth of normal cells
-plasm New thing formed, such as an abnormal growth or tumor
-plegia Slight paralysis that affects one side of the body
-pnea Temporary cessation of breathing during sleep
-ptosis Drooping of the upper eyelid(s)
-ptysis Spitting up blood
-rrhage Excessive bleeding; bursting forth of blood
-rrhea Discharge from the nose
-rrhexis Rupture of a muscle
Created by: proflyer