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Sexual Health

Ormerod Life Skills Sexual Health Glossary

acne A skin problem that usually affects teenagers. It produces sore and lumpy spots on the face.
antibiotics Medicines that can kill bacteria.
bikini line The area where pubic hair is removed so that it does not show at either side of pants or swimsuits.
cervix The neck of the uterus.
climax Highest, most intense point.
contraception Different methods, such as condoms and the Pill, used to stop a girl getting pregnant.
healthy diet The food and drink we eat to stay healthy.
egg cell The female sex cell.
Fallopian tubes The tubes in the body that allow egg cells to travel from the ovaries to the uterus.
fertilised When a male cell has joined with a female cell.
glands Organs in the body that make fluids such as oil, milk and sweat.
growth spurt The time when you grow fast.
hormones Chemicals made by the body.
masturbate To rub or stroke the clitoris or penis.
menstruating The monthly release of blood and the uterus lining. It begins in girls during puberty and continues into adulthood. Also called periods.
organs Parts of the body that have special jobs to do.
ova Female egg cells.
ovaries The female organs that produce eggs.
panty liners A thin towel that keeps pants fresh and clean if changed regularly.
penis Male sex organ.
protein The part of food that helps build and repair the body.
pubic hair Hair that grows around the sex parts.
semen The milky fluid that carries sperm.
sperm Male sex cells.
testicles The male organs that make sperm.
uterus The organs inside the female body where a baby where a baby grows during pregnancy.
vagina Female sex parts between a girl's legs.
Created by: Barbara Coyne