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Medical: #01

SUFFIXES (selected): General Use

-algesia Condition in which there is lack of the sense of pain
-ant Literally means formation of a bad kind
-ase Enzyme that breaks down starch
-ate An oozing of puss of serum
-blast Bone-forming cell
-cide Agent that kills sperm
-crit Blood test that separates solids from plasma in the blood by centrifuging the blood sample
-cuspid Having two points or cusps
-cyst A structure formed in the early embryogenesis of mammals, after the formation of the morula, but before implantation
-cyte Nerve cell, neuron
-dipsia Excessive thirst
-drome A group of signs and symptoms occurring together that characterize a specific disease or pathological condition
-er Person skilled in making x-ray records
-gen Agent that causes a change in the genetic structure of an organism
-genesis Formation of spermatozoa
-ide A radioactive atom identified by its atomic number, mass, and energy state
-ive Having the nature of connecting or binding together
-liter Unit of volume in the metric system 0.001 L
-logy Study of the female, especially the diseases of the female reproductive organs and the breasts
-lymph Serious fluid of the inner ear
-or Literally means to teach. One who is a recipient of an advanced degree, such as a doctor of medicine (MD)
-phil White blood cell that has an attraction for a base dye
-stasis Spreading process (out of control) of cancer from a primary site to a secondary site
-therapy Treatment using scientific application of water
-thermy Treatment using high-frequency current to produce heat within a part of the body
-um Structure that covers the internal and external organs of the body and the lining of vessels, body cavities, glands, and organs
-uria presence of blood in the urine
-icle Literally means little belly; a small cavity or chamber within a body or organ.
-ole One of the smaller subdivisons of the bronchial tubes
-ula Small spot or discolored area of the skin
-ule Small, elevated, circumscribed lesion of the skin that is filled of pus
Created by: proflyer