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LD Health - Ch 3

LD Health - Chapter 3 - Eating Disorders

Osteoporosis a weakened condition of the bones
Anorexia an easting disorder characterized by fear of weight gain, refusal to eat and excessive exercise
BDD acronym for obsession with body image and never being happy about it
Edema a swelling of the body
Hypothermia extreme cold of the body
Compulsive an inability to control one's actions
Bulimia an easting disorder characterized by binge and purge episodes
Electrolyght important salts and minerals in the body
Arrhythmia an irregular heart beat
Binge eating a large amount of food in a short time
Obsession preoccupation and recurring thoughts
Nervosa a nervous condition
Fatal eating disorders can be ____ if people don't get help
Lanugo fine baby hair
Purging getting rid of excess calories, by vomiting, exercising and abusing laxatives
Anemia caused by an electrolyte imbalance
Binge Eating can lead to Type II diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer
BMI Body Mass Index
Malignant can spread to other organs
Cancer an overgrowth of cells
Benign will not spread to other organs
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