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Health Chapter 25

What is not an air pollutant: Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, particulate matter Nitrogen
What conditions are made worse by smog? Respiratory conditions, like athsma
A health risk of excessive radon exposure is lung cancer
How has technology made people more aware of air pollution? People can now test the air quality
A site where wastes are covered with soil is called a landfill
What happens to most natural wastes? They are broken down by microorganisms
How could toxic substances dumped into oceans affect humans? Humans can eat contaminated seafood.
An advantage of burning trash is It is not in landfills
A disadvantage of burning trash is It causes air pollution
What is different about air pollution when it comes to Michigan? Michigan is the only Great Lakes state that doesn't charge people for air pollution.
Who is Bob Chandonnet? Owner of Nugent Sand Company
Who polluted White Lake? Hooker Chemical, White Lake Leather Company, and DuPont
What did the DNR find out about Hooker Chemical? They had 20,000 barrels of toxic waste
Created by: Jayson Van Dam