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Health Unit 6

Injury and accidents

accident an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance; an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance
injury harm or damage done to the body, either intentionally or unintentionally
healthy risk taking behavior or action that tends to have a positive impact on a persons development
risk a chance a person takes without knowing what the outcome will be, the degree of probability or likelihood that something will happen, or a dangerous chance of injury or loss
unintentional not done on purpose; done without thinking about it
unpreventable not possible to prevent from occurring
drowning the second leading cause of unintentional death for teens.
violence Most intentional injuries are the result of what?
homicide what is the 1st leading cause of death for teens?
reliable sources of information come from the following: Healthcare professionals, such as doctors and dentists Government organizations Health-related organizations, such as the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the American Lung Association Library resources, such a
bullying intimidation of a person; may include physical force, verbal taunts, name-calling, or put-downs
Types of intentional teen violence include the following: Violent assault, often with a gun Bullying Physical fighting Sexual assault Dating violence Domestic violence
Characteristics of a bully include the following: Has a personality that thrives on power Views bullying as fun (satisfies his or her need to dominate) Is perceived as having high self-esteem Models aggressive behavior; often, a child who is bullied at home becomes a bully at school Appears to be pop
cyberbullying involves the use of e-mail, instant messaging, and camera cell phones to harass people whom the bully knows as well as online strangers.
sexual harrassment describes unwanted and uninvited physical or verbal behavior or abuse of a sexual nature directed at another person.
domestic violence When family members hurt each other
shaken baby syndrome One of the most serious results of violence against young children is
unintentional/preventable How would you classify an injury sustained from driving without a seat belt?
unintentional/preventable How would you classify being hit and killed by a drunk driver?
Head Which injury causes the majority of ATV deaths?
Ligament A sprain is the result of an injury to what?
Keep the victim still Which is an appropriate treatment for a snakebite?
Blindness Which condition is a result of shaken baby syndrome?
Homicide Which term means a person killing another person?
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