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Health Class

Health Terms and Definitions

four types of cardiovascular fitness flexibility, Cardio-Respiratory endurance, muscular fitness, body composition
Strength Ability to contract skeletal muscles to a maximal level
Endurance Ability to contract skeletal muscles repeatedly over a long period of time
Flexibility Ability of your joints to move through an intended range of motion
Body composition : The make-up of the body in terms of muscle, bone, fat, water, and minerals
overload : Placing increasing amounts of stress or resistance on the body causes changes that improve fitness
Components of an Exercise Program (FITT) Frequency, intensity, time, type
Arteries carry blood away from the heart
veins carry blood to the heart
H.D. risk factors that can be changed (Big 6) Tobacco smoke,Physical inactivity,Abnormal blood cholesterol levels,Diabetes mellitus,Obesity and overweight, High blood pressure (hypertension)
Metabolic Syndrome elevated waist circumference, elevated triglycerides, reduced HDL, Elevated blood sugar, Elevated fasting glucose
Atherosclerosis Buildup of plaque on the inner walls of arteries
Calories per poud 3500
BMI for obesity 30% or greater body mass fat
Complications for obesity Increased surgical risk, Hypertension, Heart disease,Arthritis,Stroke,Type 2 diabetes,Cancer Joint deterioration
Gold Standard in BMI measurment Hydrostatic weighing
Metabolism at rest basal metabolic rate
Butting band around part of the stomach gastric bypass
Increase in energy expenditure due to eating Thermic effect
Greater number of fast cells die to childhood obesity Hypertrophic obesity
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