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LD Health - Ch 2

LD Health - Chapter 2 - Stress

What is stress? A feeling that is created when we react to a particular event(s)
What is a stressor? Event(s) that provoke stress
What does the hypothalamus do? Signals the adrenal gland
What two hormones get released from the adrenal glands? Adrenaline and Cortisol
What effect does adrenaline have on the body? Speeds up the heart rate and raised one's blood pressure. Sends oxygenated blood to our large muscles so we can ru, flight, or flee from danger.
What effect does cortisol have on the body? Speeds up your metabolism. Helps the body release the stored energy it needs in the form of glucose. It is responsible for the extra deposits of fat on our mid-section.
What are the two types of stress? Eustress and Distress
Which is the good stress? Eustress
Which is the bad stress? Distress
What are some examples of Eustress? Sporting events, the weekend, going to the gym
What are some examples of Distress? Essay due, test, moving to a new school
What is meant by Fight of Flight? The response to either run or fight
What can cause stress overload? Upcoming test, being bullied, family conflicts
List three signs of stress overload: Emotional, physical or behavioral sign
What is an emotional sign? A panic attack
What is a physical sign? Problems sleeping, stomach pains, headaches or chest pains
What is a behavioral sign? Moodiness, drinking, smoking or overeating.
If you have a pear shape figure, where is the fat being deposited? Thighs and butt
If you have an apple shape figure, where is the fat begin deposited? Mid-section
How does stress effect your brain? It thins it.
How can meditation help your brain during stress? It heals it.
Who experiences more stress on a "social" hierarchy? Boss (CEO)
Who is more likely to experience the negative affects of stress due to their position on the local ladder? A subordinate person
What is meant by anticipatory stress? Stress that is caused when you are waiting for something to happen
Why don't Zebra's experience anticipatory stress? When stress is over, they forget about it. Out of sight out of mind.
What does stress due to our immune system? It slows/wears it down
What was the first illness related to the effects of chronic stress? Ulcers
Why did doctors later think that Ulcers had nothing to do with stress? Because they found a type of bacteria in the ulcer.
What do we know now regarding the cause of ulcers and many other diseases that affect us? They can be caused by stress
How does stress effect our cerebral cortex? Loss of brain cells
How does stress effect our memory and ability to learn? Loss of brain cells and memory.
How does stress effect our telomeres? Shortens the telomeres.
What does acute mean? Short-term
What does chronic mean? Long-term
What kind of stress is likely to affect our test performance while experiencing test anxiety? Acute
Where does the hormone Cortisol like to deposit fat on the body? Mid-section
What killed off the Alpha, aggressive male baboons? TB
What were some of the characteristics of those that survived? They were nice and social
An enzyme called telomerase can repair damage done to our telomeres, what kind of activities, and associations are likely to increase this enzyme? Support groups, competition, comradery and being social
Created by: desilva13