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802 gets Drunk

This is how I studied for Finals Fall 2015.

Action Dem Legs Tho: Take off your pants for the remainder of the game
Action Full Moon: Show your bare ass. Shirt must not block view of said ass
Action Kamikaze: You may give out as many shots as you want but for each one you give you have to take one as well. At least one shot must be given
Action Spring Break: Take 3 half shots. You can cop out of any number of these shots by taking off an equivalent number of articles of clothing for 1 round
Action South Paw: Strongly spank the player to your right
Action Pitching: Strongly spank the player to your left
Action Naughty Naughty: Spank the player who you think is most innocent
Action Nips Out: Remove your shirt for 1 round. 1 turn if female
Action Captain Commando: Your underwear must be worn on your head for 1 round. If on your period, you can use someone else's
Action Blood of the Lamb: Make out with a virgin (or innocent) for 5 seconds
Action Besties: Make out with the person you've known the longest for 5 seconds
Action Good way to get Mono: Make out with who you think is the sluttiest girl for 5 seconds. If you are the only girl in the game, choose a guy
Action It was the Alcohol I swear!: Make out with a person of the same gender for 5 seconds. If girl and is only girl playing, make out with a gay instead
Action Mouthwash Please: Make out with who you think is the sluttiest guy for 5 seconds
Action The Retired Stripper: You must dance without music for 10 seconds for everybody
Action Handicapped Parking: You no longer get to sit in a chair or couch
Action Speed Bumps: Strip down to your underwear, you must jump up and down for 5 seconds.
Action Naked Selfie: Go to a bathroom and take a naked selfie with your genitals censored. You must show everyone this selfie
Action Slut Shaming: Take a drink for each person you have slept with. If virgin, take a shot
Action Enjoying the Landscape: Show your pubes or lack therof
Action I just want to Leave: Make out with the person who it would be most awkward for you to make out with for 5 seconds. The other players get to decide who
Action Cupid: Choose 2 people to make out with each other for 5 seconds
Action Shitfaced Cupid: Use the spinner to assign 2 people to make out with you at the same time for 5 seconds
Action Half Moon: Show half of your bare ass. Which half is up to you
Action Baby Cupid: Choose 2 virgins to make out with each other for 5 seconds
Action Heteronormative Cupid: Choose a gay to make out with someone of the opposite gender.
Action Twerk Queen: You must twerk or attempt to twerk for 5 seconds
Action Old Habits Die Hard: Lick Matt Larsen's Nipple. If he is not present, send him a pic of your tongue with the caption "I want to lick your nipple"
Action Watch the Teeth!: Remove the pants of the person to your right using your mouth
Circle Jerk Incest: What is the farthest you have gone with someone in the room? You do not have to say with who
Circle Jerk Tribal Council: Everybody points to a person, the person with the most points takes a shot. If everybody points to the same person, everybody else takes a shot instead
Circle Jerk Tribal Council 2: Everybody points to a person. Anybody with no points has to take a drink
Circle Jerk Oedipus Complex: The oldest female and youngest male must make out for 5 seconds
Circle Jerk Daddy Issues: The youngest girl and oldest guy must make out for 5 seconds
Circle Jerk SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!: Everybody takes a shot.
Circle Jerk I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear: Everybody who is wearing pants must take them off for 1 round
Circle Jerk Hostile Work Environment: The spinner is spun. The selected player must perform 1 action requested by each player
Circle Jerk Peer Pressure: Least drunk player (that drinks) takes a shot
Action My hands are cold: Spend 1 round with your hand in the pants of the person to your right
Action Blind Date: Simulate your favorite sex position with a person selected by the spinner
Action Lap Dog: Sit on the person to your left's lap for 1 round
Action Cheap Whore: Take a drink and pick someone to do an action of your choosing
Action Exotic Escort: Take a shot and pick someone to do whatever you want for 1 round
Action Busted: Spend 2 rounds in handcuffs
Action Awwwwwww: Spend 1 round holding the person to your right's hand
Action Yeah that's the spot!: Take the player across from you into a bedroom and give them a sensual massage
Action Stripping your way through college: Remove 2 articles of clothing
Action Captain Underpants: Take off everything except your underwear and pose like a super hero
Action Musical Pants: Pants shift to the left. You do not have to wear the pants
Action Larsssseeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn: Take a drink for every letter in your last name
Action Free Samples: Give everybody a peck on the lips
Action Hand-me-downs: Go to the bathroom and exchange underwear with the player across from you.
Action Goodwill: Take off 2 pieces of clothing, give these to the other players
Action Lunar eclipse: Show your bare ass. The player to your left gets to slap your ass with a tortilla
Action But I'm a Vegan!: A player with dick must shove your face into his crotch.
Action Strictly Vagitarian: A player with a vagina face into her crotch
Action Sexual Harassment: Run your hand up the inner thigh of the player to your right
Action Bongos: Pick your favorite ass (not your own) and play them like drums
Action Ass man: Feel everybody's ass and rate them from 1-10
Action Kneading the Dough: Take the person to your right into another room and give them a sensual ass massage for 1 minute
Action Recoil: Give 2 shots, take 1 shot
Action Gangbang: Get on the ground. Everybody gets to tickle you for 10 seconds
Action Bukkake: Everybody gets to touch your face at the same time
Action Sometimes you should just draw it in: Spin a player to draw a dick on you.
Action The Roast: Everybody must say one thing they dislike about you
Action Happy Birthday!: Everybody says something they like about you
Circle Jerk Never have I ever: Self explanatory. Winner and Lower takes a shot
Circle Jerk Hot Seat: Go around in a circle. For 2 minutes, each player must truthfully answer every question asked of them
Circle Jerk Suit Up: All clothes go back on their rightful owner
Circle Jerk Lemon Party: The three oldest male players must go to a room and pile on top of each other for a picture
Action Middle school Locker Room: Slap your favorite ass (not your own)
Circle Jerk The Whore of Babylon: Take a drink and send a sexy text to another player
Action Cuddles: Spoon with the player to your right in a different room for 10 seconds. Other players may come in and watch
Action The Exhibitionist: Go to another room and close the door. When you open the door again, you must be completely naked covering your genitals for everyone to see. If female, only one type of underwear needs to be removed
Action What happens in the room, stays in the room: Go to a room with another player (spinner). Anything goes for 30 seconds, whatever happens must not be spoken of
Action I'm too drunk for this shit: Spend 1 round with your head in the player to your right's lap
Action In it together: Choose a player, for the remainder of the game, you and this player split all of your drinks equally (half and half).
Action Diplomatic Immunity: You can now cop out of any action with only 1 drink for the remainder of the game
Circle Jerk KMF: Kill Marry Fuck people in the room
Circle Jerk Is it hot in here?: Everybody takes off their shirt OR pants for 1 round
Circle Jerk Holier than Thou: If you have ever been to church (or other religious equivalent) take a drink
Action Pants off Dance off: Spin a player. Both you and this player remove your pants and grind against each other for 5 seconds
Action I thought she was trying to steal my wallet: Spend 2 rounds with your hands in the person to your left's pockets. If Matt Larsen is playing, it must be his pockets
Circle Jerk Triggered: What are your top pet peeves?
Circle Jerk Top or Bottom?: Sub, dom, or both
Action Transition into adulthood: Explain the story of how you lost your virginity
Action One time in College: If you were attracted to the same sex (or opposite), which one of the people in this room would you go for?
Action Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch me: Name your favorite places to be touched sexually
Action College Memories: What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done while drunk? Or just ever done if you don't drink
Action Your magic number: How many people have you had sex with? If virgin, do you think you'll have sex with?
Action Don't be modest: What grade would you give your performance in bed? If virgin, how good do you think you would be?
Circle Jerk Priorities: Rank these 5 things: nvm we hate Mark
Action Too far bro: Name something you would absolutely not accept in bed
Action Curious: Do you have bi-sexual feelings at all and have you ever explored them?
Action Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street: Rank your players according to IQ
Action Swipe right pls?: Rank your co-players according to who you would bang
Action Mercy, Please!: Take off 2 pieces of clothing, the player on your right decides which ones.
Action Man do I love rubbing hotdogs: Massage the legs of the player on your right for 10 seconds
Action That's skill: unhook the bra of a female co-player using one hand
Action Dat Ass though: The player on your right gets to touch your ass for 5 seconds
Action Gotta get that 6 pack: Do 5 crunches shirtless
Action Amateur Strip-off: Perform a striptease, you may keep your underwear on
Action Ass Ass? Ass! Ass: Get blindfolded, feel each player's ass and guess who it is. Each wrong guess is a drink
Action Gotta get swoll: Do 3 push-ups wearing only 1 shoe
Action Cheeto Fingers: Simulate a blowjob on the finger of the player on your right for 5 seconds
Action The one-two: The player in front of you gets to feel 2 different parts of your body in a different room. You choose 1 and they choose 1
Action Is that a penis in your pocket?: Spin a person to frisk you thoroughly against a wall
Action You taste salty: Lick the neck of the co-players of the opposite sex
Action The key is in the hips: Give a co-player a lap dance for 10 seconds
Action Keep it PG: Everytime you swear you have to drink. Lasts 2 rounds
Action No Desu!: If you have ever watched hentai, all of your other co-players get to smack your ass as you moan like an anime girl
Action Splash Damage: Take a shot. The two players next to you must remove an article of clothing from themselves for 1 round
Action Poisoned: You must take a drink whenever it is your turn for the remainder of the game. 1 shot may be taken instead
Circle Jerk Science Bitch!: If you are/were not in the school of natural sicences take half a shot
Action The Catarina: Whisper something sexual into the ear of the player to your right and slowly lick it afterwards
Circle Jerk Sa Tlay ka Siti: If you have ever lived outside of the country, take half a shot
Action Diglet used dig: You are immune from performing any action next round including drinking and action cards. (if desired)
Action Dragging the whole team down: If you're a girl, girls drink, if you're a guy, guys take half a shot
Action Jigglypuff used Sing: You get to draw on 3 people
Action Clefairy used Metronome: Copy the previous action performed
Action Abra used Teleport: Switch places with the person across from you and also take half a shot with that person for being such a bitch to catch in-game
Action Slowpoke is Slow: Slowly sip on half a shot. If you grimace at all then take an additional half shot normally.
Action Best friends forever: Handcuff yourself to the person on your left for the remainder of the game or until another handcuff card is drawn
Action Dammit Janet: Your name is now Slut for the remainder of the game. Anybody who forgets this must take a drink
Action The King: Make a new rule that is effective for 2 rounds
Action Friend Fiction: Which 2 other players would you most like to see in a porno?
Action Meat Juices!: For 2 rounds, every time you drink or eat, you have squeal like a hentai loli
Action Death Note: Take a shot and choose as many people as you want to take half a shot
Action Why so Serious?: Do or say something funny. If nobody laughs, take a shot
Circle Jerk Hasa Diga Eebowai: If you ever went to church but are no longer religious, take a shot
Action All these flavors and you choose condom: Put a condom in your mouth. Skip if no condoms are available
Action You want the good girl but you need the bad pussy: Make out with a bad girl for 5 seconds
Action "You've met me at a very strange time of my life": Make out with the person you've known for the least amount of time for 5 seconds
Action The First rule of Fight Club is: Whoever says your name must take a drink. Effective for 2 rounds
Action "I love the smell of napalm in the morning.": Smell everybody's ass and rank from 1-10 in terms of stank
Circle Jerk "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!": If you have a penis drink
Action "312. Some were two at a time": Spin the spinner. Whoever has had less sexual partners takes a shot (between you and target)
Circle Jerk Because that's how you get ants!: Anybody who has spilled a drink today must take a shot
Action I'll have what she's having: Choose 2 players to make out for 5 seconds. You then make out with one of those players for 5 seconds. All participants must make orgasm noises while partaking
Action I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse: Get under the covers with another player (spinner). You must bite this player's leg while your head is under
Action Just keep swimming: Chug half a drink or take half a shot
Action Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get: The player closest to the kitchen pours you a shot of something. Any (palatable) liquid may be in this shot glass. You have to take it
Action I swear to god I had something for this: Idk, just take a shot
Action You’re not my supervisor!: You get to refuse to do any action one time
Circle Jerk Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain: Would you side with good or evil if neither side had clear disadvantage?
Circle Jerk Sploosh!: If you have ever fantasized about another player sexually, take a drink
Action Just the tip: Choose a player to touch just the tip of your penis through clothing. If girl, touch a penis tip
Action Can't? or wont?: You can either take half a shot or try to give a drink to another player. If this player refuses the offer, take a whole shot instead
Circle Jerk Danger Zone!: If you have never been shitfaced before, take half a shot
Action Spank me Daddy: Allow the player to your right to spank you. You must call this player Daddy for 3 rounds
Action You know nothing Jon Snow: If you cannot name 5 people on Hanson's list, take a shot.
Circle Jerk Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side: Everybody makes a straight face. Last one standing gets to give 2 shots
Circle Jerk Yellow Fever: If you have ever messed around with or dated an Asian, take a drink
Action Where did this tradition even come from?: The person on your right gets to slap you in the face with a tortilla
Action Lady and the Weeb: The player closest to the kitchen chooses a food item. you must eat this item lady and the tramp style with this person.
Action She got off the plane: Send "I still have feelings for you" to the last person you messaged.
Action Equal Exchange: For the remainder of the game, each of your shots may now be exchanged for an article of clothing to be removed for the remainder of the game. If you get to give a shot, you may put on an article of clothing instead.
Legendary (Optional) The Rapture: Shot contest. Everybody (that means everybody) starts taking shots, last one conscious calls an ambulance
Legendary (Optional) Adam and Eve: You and a person of the opposite gender must to the bathroom and take off all your clothes. You must look at each other and stay there for 1 round.
Legendary (Optional) That's how Shirley Feels About Matthew: Let somebody shave your leg
Legendary (Optional) Shame, Shame, Shame: You have to walk around the room naked but are allowed to cover your junk while everybody else chants 'shame"
Legendary (Optional) The Harvest: You must let another player shave your ass while everybody else watches
Circle Jerk Take one down, pass it around: Phones are to be traded in a circle. Each person is allowed to send one text or message to a person in the inbox of the owner. Random contacts and family are off limits.
Action Erogenous Zone II: Lick the cheek of the person to your right
Action Erogenous Zone III: Lick the lips of the person to your left.
Action Erogenous Zone IV: Lick the neck of the person 2 people to your left
Action Erogenous Zone V: Lick the bare inner thigh of the person to your right
Action Erogenous Zone VI: Lick a random player's ass cheek (clothed unless owner of ass desires otherwise)
Action Erogenous Zone VIII: Lick the elbow pit of the person to your left
Action Erogenous Zone IX: Lick the back of the knee of the person to your right
Action Erogenous Zone X: Lick the nipple(s) of the first male player to your right
Action Erogenous Zone XI: Lick the bare lower back of the first female player to your left
Action Erogenous Zone XII: Lick the clothed crotch of a player of your choice
Circle Jerk There is no spoon: Everybody spoon in a spoon train for 5 seconds
Action The double reverse cowgirl: Sit on another player's ass while they're on their stomach and let that player bounce you up and down for 5 seconds
Circle Jerk Do you even vape bro: If you have ever smoked anything, take a drink
Circle Jerk Selfie Slut: If you have taken a selfie since the party/pre/postgaming started, take a shot
Action Dionysus: Whenever it is your turn you may give a drink
Action The Duck Face: You must take a really ugly selfie with duckface and upload it as your facebook profile picture
Legendary (Optional) The Equalizer: Guestimate the number of shots the most drunk person has had. Everybody must take shots until they have drunk an equal amount of shots as the most drunk person.
Legendary (Optional) The Holy Trinity: Everybody take 3 shots
Action Long Live the Queen: Lick Shirley's tongue. If she is not present, send her a pic of your tongue with the caption "I want to lick your tongue"
Legendary (Optional) Excalibur: Take a dick (if guy) or boobies (if girl) pic. You must show this image to one player of your choice.
Legendary (Optional) Egg Swap: Two players must perform the infamous egg-swap scene
Action Hey Assbutt!: People get to draw a face on your ass cheeks
Action Size Matters: Tallest and shortest players drink
Action Testosterone: Challenge someone to arm wrestle you. Loser takes half a shot
Circle Jerk Metal Detector: All with Jewelry on drink
Action Blowjob: Drink half a shot blowjob style
Legendary (Optional) This is Madness: Everybody takes a shot, trades shirts with another player, and then trades seats with a different player
Action Bottoms up: Try to guess each player's underwear color. If correct, they drink, if wrong, you drink
Action Pussy Lovers: You can only meow for 1 round
Action Beast of Burden: On your next drinking action, you drink double
Circle Jerk Together: Waterfall starting with whoever drew this card
Action Bitch Cup: Everybody pours a little of their drink into a cup. Chug this cup
Circle Jerk All hail the hand: All single players drink
Action Come to Daddy: Sit on the oldest player's lap for 1 round
Action Is it cold in here?: Put an ice cube down another player's clothing
Circle Jerk Watersports: Take a drink for each time you've had to use the bathroom since the game started
Circle Jerk Jiggle Circus: Player with biggest boobs takes a drink. Anyone with fake boobs takes a shot
Circle Jerk Sausage Party: Dude with biggest penis takes a shot
Action Aw Nuts: Drink once for each testicle in the room
Circle Jerk Tickle me Emo: Anyone wearing a black shirt or pants must drink
Circle Jerk Golden Tongue: Drink once for each language you speak
Circle Jerk Guilty Pleasures: Take a drink for each time you've masturbated in the past week. If you've had sex, take a shot instead
Circle Jerk Gold Digger: Anyone with more than $20 in their wallet must drink
Circle Jerk Elephant in the room: If you have had sex (oral counts) with anyone in the room, take a shot
Circle Jerk One time, at band camp: If you have ever stuck anything non-human in your vag/anus, take half a shot
Circle Jerk Hazing: If it is your first time playing this game, take a shot
Circle Jerk Cash me Outside: Pick one person in the room who you would want to fight
Created by: Hlw18829