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Concepts and vocabulary for the unit on Disease

What is a disease? A _______________ is an illness or condition that keeps a body from feeling or working well.
What does symptom mean? A __________ is a sign of a disease.
What are some symptoms? Some _____________ might be fever, rash, headache, stomachache, dizziness, body aches, or vomiting.
What is a microbe? A ________ is a tiny organism or particle, visible only with a microscope.
What are other names for microbes? Other names for ___________ are pathogen or germs.
What are the microbes we have studied? The _______________ we have studied are fungus, bacteria, and virus.
What is a virus? A __________ is a tiny particle that can only reproduce inside living cells.
Why are viruses difficult for our Immune System to fight off? _____________ often mutate making it difficult for our Immune System to recognize and fight off.
What is fungus? ___________ is an organism that feeds off other living or dead organisms.
What is bacteria? ________________ is a type of one celled organism or living thing.
Can there be good bacteria or are they only bad bacteria? There are some good ____________ and some bad bacteria.
Can there be good fungus and bad fungus? There are some good fungus and some ___________ fungus.
What does Communicable disease mean? A disease that can be spread to a person from another person, and animal, or an object is a ____________ disease.
What are other names for communicable disease? Other names for ___________ disease are infectious, transmittable, or contagious.
What is your Immune System? Your __________________ System is all of the parts and functions of your body that fight germs.
What are the 5 parts of the Immune System? The five parts of your ____________: hair, skin, mucus, tears and sweat, and White Blood Cells.
What do the WBC do for your Immune System? Your WBC produce antibodies that recognize and kill off disease causing pathogens.
What does Immunity mean in regard to the Immune System? ________________ means that your WBC recognize and destroy germs that they have "seen" before.
What are antibodies? ______________________ are chemicals made by the body that help destroy or weaken harmful microbes.
What does allergy mean? An _______________ is a sensitivity to a certain substance.
What does chronic mean? ___________ means that it lasts for a long time and comes back on you unexpectedly.
What does Non Communicable disease mean? A ____ _________________ disease is a disease that cannot be spread to a person from another living thing.
What are non communicable diseases? Non ________________ diseases are caused in three ways: Hereditary, Lifestyle, or Environment.
What does it mean "Hereditary"? _________________ means that you get a certain disease because of who you are related to.
What does it mean "Environmental Disease"? An ___________________________ disease is a disease that is caused by where you live, play, or work.
What does it mean "Lifestyle Disease"? A _____________________ disease is a disease that is caused by the poor choices you have made, such as smoking, taking illegal drugs, or drinking too much alcohol.
What are risk factors? _____________ _________ are things that increase the possibility that a person will get a certain disease.
There are three risk factors, what are they? The three ____________ factors are: Hereditary, Lifestyle, and Environment.
What is AIDS? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a very serious disease in which the Immune System is extremely weak.
What is HIV? Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that attacks the immune system and leads to AIDS.
Created by: twaltner