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Letter C

0C Celsius
- c, w/ with
Ca calcium
CA cancer
cal calorie
Cap capsule
CAT computered axial tomography (a radiographic technique that produces an image of a detailed cross section of tissue)
Cath catheter (a hollow, flexible tube that can be inserted into a vessel of cavity of the body to withdraw or instill, fluids)
CBC complete blood count (a determination of the number of red and white blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood)
CBET certified biomedical equipment technician
CBR complete bed rest (the restriction of a patient to bed for therapeutic reasons for a prescribed period)
cc cubic centimeter
CC chief complaint (a subjective statement made by a patient describing his'her most significant or serious symptoms or signs of illness or dysfunction)
CCU coronary care unit, critical care unit (used for the treatment and monitoring of patients experiencing acute (cardiac) episodes) (specially equipped hospital area designed for the treatment of patients with sudden, life threatening conditions)
CDA certified dental assistant
CDC centers for disease control and prevention (a federal agency of the U.S. government that provides facilities and services for the investigation, identification, prevention, and control of disease)
CEO chief executive officer
CF Cystic Fibrosis (an inherited disorder of the exocrine glands,causing those glands to produce abnormally, thick secretions of mucus)
CHD coronary heart disease (an abnormal condition that may affect the heart's arteries and produce pathogenic effects)
CHF congestive heart failure (an abnormal condition that reflects impaired cardiac pumping)
CHO cardohydrate
Chol cholesterol (a waxy lipid soluble compound found only in animal tissue)
CICU cardiac intensive care unit (a hospital unit in which patients requiring close monitoring and intensive care are kept)
ck check
Cl chloride;chlorine
cl liq clear liquids
cm centimeter
CMA certified medical assistant (a person who, under the direction of the physician, performs various routines)
CNP certified nurse practitioner (a registered nurse who has advances education in nursing and clinical experiences in specialized area of nursing practice)
CNS certified nervous system (one of the two main divisors of the nervous system, consisting of the brain and spinal chord)
co, c/o complains of
CO carbon monoxide, coronary occlusion (an obstruction of an artery that supplies the heart muscle)
CO2 carbon dioxide
comp complete, compound
cont continued
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (a progressive and irreversible condition characterized by diminished inspiratory and expiratory capacity of the lungs)
COTA certified occupied therapy assistant (an allied health professional who, under the direction of an occupational therapist)
CP Cerebal Palsy (a motor function disorder caused by a permanent, non-progressive brain defect or lesion present at birth or shortly thereafter)
CPK creative phosphikinase (cardiac enzyme) (an enzyme that increases on blood levels when muscle damage has occurred)
CPR cardio pulmanary resuciatation (a basic emergency procedure for life support, consisting of artificial respiration and manual external cardiac massage)
CPT current procedure terminology (a system developed by the American Medical Association for standardizing the terminology and coding)
CRTT certified respiratory therapy technician (a health care professional who preforms routing care, management, and treatment or patients with respiratory disorders)
cs centeral supply or service
C&S culture and sensitivity
CSF Cerebal Spinial Fluid (the fluid that flows through and protects the four ventricles of the brain)
CSR centeral supply room
CST certified surgical technologist (an allied health professional who prepared the operating room by selecting and opening sterile supplies)
CT computerized tomography (a radioactive technique that produces an image of a detailed cross section of tissue)
Cu copper
CVA cerebal vascular acident (stroke) (an abnormal condition of the brain characterized by occlusion by an embolus, thrombus, or cerebrovascular hemorrhage)
Cx cerux, complication, complaint
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