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Safe Food Handling

Prep for certification test

What is cross-contamination? When pathogens transfer from one surface or food to another
What is the first step in proper hand washing? Wet your hands and arms
When cleaner is accidentally mixed with food/food prep, what hazard has taken place? Chemical hazard
What are the three types/categories of hazards? Chemical, physical, and biological hazards
Allowing food to stay at a temperature too long, that promotes bacterial growth, is what kind of abuse? Time-temperature
How long should you scrub your hands and arms when washing them? 10-15 seconds
Cross-contamination from your body to the food can be prevented with? Good personal hygiene
Keeping frozen foods, frozen solid is an example of what? Properly controlling time temperature concerns
When should you use an antiseptic? After washing hands
What should cover a cut on a food handler's hand? A bandage and a glove
Pathogens grow well between what temperatures? 41 degrees and 135 degrees
Frozen food must be kept at what temperature? Whatever temperature keeps it frozen
What part of a piece of food should have its temperature checked? The thickest part
TCS hot foods, must be kept at what temperature? 135 degrees F
Poultry must be measure to have reached what temperature for at lest 15 seconds? 165 degrees F
TCS cold foods must be kept at what temperature? 41 degrees F
What date must be placed on TCS food labels? The throw out date
How often should gloves be changed, if used continuously? Every 4 hours
Other than placing in the fridge for 24 hours, what is another acceptable way to thaw foods? As part of the cooking process
Ice scoops should only be used for what? Scooping ice
Hand-washing sinks should only be used for what? Washing hands
Wiping cloths should be stored where when not in use? In sanitizing solution
If any number of contaminations take place, what should the food handler do? Ask the manager what to do
What should cleaning solutions never be stored by? ANY kind of food
What are some common food allergies? Egg, wheat, fish, nuts, milk
How frequently should surfaces be sanitized if they are in constant use? Evey four hours
When cleaning and sanitizing any surface (including dishes), what is the first step? Remove (excess) food
How can you ensure that the sanitizing process will be effective? Use a test kit to check the sanitizers strength
What two types of contamination can pests cause? Biological and chemical
Created by: bscanlan