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Health Adminstration


Describe our health care system Fragmented, piecemeal and uncordinated
The population of the US 321 M
The population of the world 7 B
What is the US rank in GDP Number 1
US Healthcare spent how much on health care system 2.9 T
How many hospitals and physicians are in the US There are 5,700 hospitals and 850,000 physicians
Reliance is upon which model The medical model
What are stakeholders intrests A mix of market and social justice foundation of US healthcare
What is health defined as under the medical model Absence of illnesses and diseases
What does SAEM define health as A state of physical and mental well being that facilitates the achievement of individual and societal goals
What does WHO define health as A complete state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease
What are the determinants of health Environment, Behavior and Lifestyle, Hereditary, and Medical Care
Market Justice Medical Care and its benefits are distributed on the basis of peoples willingness and ability to pay
Social Justice Regards health care as a social good, that should be collectively financed and available to all citizens regardless of individuals receipts ability to pay for that care
What are the overarching goals of Healthy People 2020 Attaining high quality, longer lives of free of preventable disease injury and premature death, elminating disparities , and improving the health of all groups, creating social and and physical environments that promote good health for all
Health Care in Pre-Industrialized America A trade rather than a profession, medical training was learned through an apprenticeship rather than a university
Almshouse Dirty shelter for crazy, old, young, poor people with minimal health care
Asylum Built by government for patients with untreated chronic illnesses used techniques such as bleeding, vomiting, or hot/cold baths
Pesthouse Isolated people who contracted a contagious disease; main function to contain the spread
Dispenaries Outpatient clinics to provide free care to those who cant afford it; the basic health care
Health Care in Post-Industrialized America Anesthesia, surgery, diagnostic techniques making medical practice legit. AMA referred to organized medicine. Extended academic year from months to years.
History of health insurance The first broad coverage of health insurance emerged int he form of workers compensation, then private health insurance began in the form of disability coverage. Then first hospital plan, first physician plan then employer based ins. Then Medicaid/Care
Historical changes influenced by Cultural/beliefs/values, social changes, technology advances, economic constraints, political opportunism
Pre Industrial healthcare tranchanged into Post Industrial health care by Medical education/training, medical institutions, and medical pratcice
Changes in health care were in influenced by Urbanization, health care insure, medical science breakthroughs, organized medicine, The Great Depression and WWII
How did we get Corporization Corpirization of health care arrived with the info revolution and globilziation
Public health is Anything that informs the community about health and wellness
Who is John Snow The father of epidemiology. He sourced the cholera infection to the main water source of London
Population Health is Focuses on interrelated conditions and factors that influence the health of populations over the life course.
Population Pyramid Every health system develops programs that meet the specific health needs of its respective population -- not only by disease patterns, but also by size, age, and gender.
Major public health victories Seat belts, control over infectious diseases, WIC, recognization of tobacco use as a health hazard, decline in deaths
What are some ethical issues when it comes to protecting the public's health? Different religions have different beliefs about what's healthy and whats not
What are the indicators of population health? Morality rates, morbidity rates,
Philadelphia examples of early gaps in public health~ Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 Flu Epidemic of 1918
Understand the term "health disparities" Preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by socially disadvantaged populations.
Acute condition Severe, and episodic (heart attack)
Subactute condition Chronic extremes with acute features. Sometimes post acute requiring further treatment after brief stay in the hospital
Chronic condition is less severe but long and continuous, the patient may not fully recover (diabetes, asthma, hypertension,)
What year was CHIP made and what is it for? In 1997 CHIP was created to provide insuarance to children of uninsured families
Medicare Is one of the largest sources of public health insurance
Medicaid Is the third largest source of Health insurance in country serving about 16%
Special populations (vulnerable populations) Refer to those with health needs but inadequate resources to address those needs
Mananged care is a system of health care delivery that seeks to achieve efficiency by integrating basic functions of health care delivery, employs mechanisms to control utilization of medical services, and determines the price at which services are purchased
Quality of life refers to how satisfied a person is with his experiences receiving health care and how satisfied a person is with life after a medical intervention.
Which is the dominate health care system in the US Managed care
In a free market Patients should be able to choose their provider based on price and quality of services
In Canada The government finances health care through general taxes, but the acute care is delivered by private providers
Tricare Covers families and dependents of active duty or retired vets and treats them at the hospitals or dispensaries. Financed by the US Department of Defense
Who is WHO World Health Organization
Who is SAEM Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
Subsystems of Health Care Delivery Private employer programs, poor and uninsured, federal programs, and federal and state joint programs
Medicare applies to Seniors 65+, disabled and those with end stage renal disease
What are the federal programs of Health Care Delivery Medicare, Veterans administration system, Active duty military system, Indian health service
Federal and State joint programs are Medicaid, S-CHIP, Workers Compensation, Public Health
What is the primary objective of any health care system Is to provide cost efficient health services that meet certain established standards of quality
The mission of public health is to improve and protect community health
Long term care consists of medical and non medical care that is provided to individuals who are chronically ill or who have a disability
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