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Exam 1

Hospitality and Tourism

What dose CTE stand for? Career and Technical Education
What dose S.M.A.R.T stand for? Specific,Measure,Achievable,Relevent,Timely
Do you need to pass the sanitation test to cook? Yes
How many clusters are there? 16
What are some Leadership Characteristics? Kind,Hardworker,Commited
What is a Short-Term goal? a short term goal is bland and dose not have much thought put into it other than the main idea
What is a Long-Term Goal? a long term Goal is a goal that has a lot of thought put into it and can be tracked over time
What dose FCCLA stand for? family, career and community leaders of america
What are the 4 groups Foods & Bevrages,Traveling & Tourism,Lodging,Restoration
How many National officers are there for FCCLA 10
whats the name of the FCCLA magazine teen times
when is National FCCLA week feb 8-14
what is the name of the national Outreach Project? Lead 2 feed
where is the next National leadership Confrence San Dieago
how members have joined into FCCLA nationally 200,000
how many FCCLA chapters are there in the USA 6500
how many FCCLA state associations are there 50
Name one benifit of being in FCCLA Traveling
In FCCLA is it important to have good grades Extremely
Why is it important to have S.M.A.R.T goals so you can thuroughly think of what your doing and stay on track
Is it important to keep balance Yes without it you wouldnt have time for anything and would always be stressed
Why is Liesure so important because everyone needs it or we get to stressed out
why is Time managing so important so we have time for other things like family and fun
Energy is imprtant why? we need energy to to anything without it we become lazy and get stuff done
Why is a career important it alows us to get farther in life
why is making decisions in life important so their important because they lead you in a direction in life
Created by: HeroicTaco