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Med term/insurance

Signs Objective evidence of an illness or disorder perceived by an examiner.
Symptoms Subjective evidence perceived by the patient.
Anter/o Nearer to or toward the front
Poster/o Nearer to or toward the back
Ventr/o Belly side
Dors/o Directed toward or situated on the back side
Medi/o Middle or nearer to the middle
Later/o Toward the side
Super/o Uppermost or above
Infer/o Lowermost or below
Proxim/o Nearer the origin or point of attachment
Dist/o Far or distant from the origin or point of attachment
Cephal/o Toward the head
Caud/o Toward the tail or in an inferior direction in humans
Intern/o Inside, within
Extern/o Outside
Anatomic position The position someone is in while standing erect with arms to the side and palms forward.
Frontal plane Divides the body into front and back portions.
Transverse plane Divides the body into upper and lower portions.
Sagittal plane Divides the body into right and left sides.
Midsagittal plane Divides the body into two equal halves.
Prone Lying facedown
Supine Lying on the back
Recumbent Lying down
Ambulant Able to walk
Abdomin/o Abdomen
Acr/o Extremities; arms and legs
Blephar/o Eyelid
Cyst/o Cyst, bladder, or sac
Dactyl/o Digit; toes, fingers, or both
Lapar/o Abdominal wall
Omphal/o Umbilicus; navel
Umbilic/o Umbilicus; navel
Onych/o Nail
Pelv/i Pelvis
Periton/o Peritoneum
Som/a Body
Somat/o Body
Thorac/o Chest; thorax
-poiesis Production
-penia Deficiency
-osis Increased; abnormal
-cyte Cell
Thromb/o Clot; thrombus
Leuk/o White
Immun/o Immune
Hem/a Blood
Hemat/o Blood
Erythr/o Red
Cyt/o Cell
Coagul/o Coagulation
Dacry/o Tear, tearing, crying
Lacrim/o Tear, tearing, crying
-emia condition of the blood
Hidr/o sweat or perspiration
Hydr/o Water
Palmar Pertaining to the palm
Plantar Sole; undersurface of the foot
Algesi/o Sensitivity to pain
Chem/o Chemical
Pharmac/o Drugs or medicine
Pharmaceuti/o Drugs or medicine
Therapeut/o Treatment
Tox/o Poison
-therapy Treatment
Ech/o Sound
Son/o Sound
Electr/o Electricity
Fluor/o Emitting or reflecting light
Radi/o Radiant energy
Tom/o To cut
ultra- Excessive
Health Insurance Contract between the policyholder/member and insurance carrier/gov't program to reimburse the policyholder/member for the cost of med care given by a healthcare pro.
Disability Income Insurance Health insurance providing periodic payment to people unable to work due to illness, injury, or disease.
Premium Cost of insurance coverage.
Claim Bill sent to insurance carrier requesting payment for services given.
Contract A legally binding agreement
Subscriber Contract holder with coverage.
Preferred Provider Organization PPO is a type od health benefit program where the enrollee receives the highest level of benefits when obtaining services from a "preferred provider"
Guarantor Person who agrees to pay medical bill by signing or accepts treatment.
Emancipated Minor Person under 18 who is completely independent.
Inured Person or organization protected in cases of loss under insurance policy terms.
Member Person covered under an insurance program's contract.
Fluoroscope A device that consists of a screen covered with calcium tungstate crystals on which are projected shadows of x-rays passed through the body.
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