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LD Health - Ch 1

LD Health - Chapter 1

According to the Text Perspectives on Health the term "Health" in the PAST means? A person free of disease or illness
By today's standards, a comprehensive view of healthy focuses on? Wellness which is a positive holistic (whole-health) - The well-being of your body, mind and relations with others
The positive holistic approach includes: Physical, Intellectual, Social & Emotional
The physical aspects of health refer to: The health and care of your body such as exercising, eating right, rest and absent of illness
The intellectual (mental) aspects of health refer to: Encourages you to continue gathering knowledge through stimulating and learning experiences.
Social Health encompasses: Ability to make friends, maintain healthy relationships, ability to negotiate with others, get involved & respect boundaries.
Emotional Health means: Awareness and acceptance of your feeling and self-image and know how to manage your feeling without hurting yourself or others.
The leading cause of death for TEENS: Motor Vehicle Accidents
The second leading cause of deaths in TEENS is: Homicide
The leading cause of death for ADULTS is: Heart Disease
What are risk factors? Any action or condition that increases the likelihood of illness or injury. This may be related to your genetic history or the choices you make in life.
What is a behavioral risk factor? The choices you make in life
What is longevity? How long you are expected to live. Refers to living the best quality and longest life possible.
Average Life expectancy (1900's) was 47
Average Life expectancy (Today) is 75
What is the number one root cause of death for people of all ages? Smoking
What is the second root cause of death for people of all ages? Poor eating habits and one's lifestyle
What is Community Service? It is a great way to get involved and care about others. It is considered altruistic to care about others without expecting payment or reward
What is the best way to increase one's longevity? To make responsible decisions & avoid impulsive, high risk behaviors and to excretes and eat a balanced and healthy diet
Created by: desilva13