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Health Ch 9 Glencoe

Health Chapter 8 Glencoe Lesson 1, 2, 3

Stress The body's and mind's reaction to everyday demands and threats
Distress negative stress; too much stress or trauma
Stressor any stimulus that produces a stress response
Life Situations death, divorce, marriage, graduation
1st Stress Response Alarm Stage
Eustress positive stress; can help you achieve your goals
2nd Stress Response Resistance
Fatigue extremely tired, the body and mind are worn down
Types of Fatigue Physical (body), pathological (overworking the body's defenses, psychological (results from worry, depression)
Stress Tolerance amount of stress you can handle before it is too much
Type A Personality competitive, high-achieving
Hardy Personality Characteristics They can handle change, they have a sense of commitment, and they have a sense of control and power over what happens
Physical Signs of Stress headaches, sweating, rash, sleep problems
Emotional Signs of Stress nervousness, worrying, loneliness
Mental Signs of Stress trouble reading/thinking clearly, lack of creativity, inability to make decisions
Alarm Stage of Stress Response (1st stage) adrenaline takes place -when the body and mind go on high alert; secretion of adrenaline
Resistance Stage of Stress Response (2nd stage) body tries to repair its damage from stress, people have been known to do crazy things
Fatigue stage of stress (3rd stage) results in a tired feeling that lowers a person's activity level
Type B Personality "laid back", noncompetitive seems able to stay healthy despite major or even traumatic stressors
Psychosomatic a physical disorder that results from stress rather than from an injury or illness- mental factor that causes stress- mental= psyco
Stress Management Technique re-channeling, relaxation
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