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Medication Administr

Ch. 54, 55

Intra-dermal injection is given at? 10-15 degrees
Sub Q injections are given at? 45 degrees, 90 degrees for insulin, pinch skin
deltoid injection site 1-2 inches below acromion process
IM injections given at? 90 degrees hold skin taunt
IM injections use what size needles 5/8-3"
Sub Q needle size 5/8-1"
Intra-dermal injection size needle 5/8"
what is used to draw up from an ampule filtered needle
IM injections are given? deltoid vastus gluteal
Pts name, address, age, date, prescription superscription
name of med, dosage, ingredients Inscription
diameter gauge
how long the needle is length
lessens severity of disease or prevents profalactic
dr must register with the DEA
Why does someone make med errors read order wrong, dosage it wrong, give it the wrong route
Parentreal IM, IV, SQ, ID
Whats in a med log name of meds, strength, expiration date, amount, lot number
IM given in the muscle
SQ given in fatty tissue
oral taken by mouth
sublingual goes under tongue
3 steps before administering meds check order, know what your giving, correct pt, make sure pt has no allergies, check 10 rights
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