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Letter B abb.

Letter B

BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen; a measure of the amount of urea in the blood. Urea forms in the liver as the end product of protein metabolism, circulates in the blood, and is excreted through the kidney in urine.
Bx, bx biopsy
BRP bathroom privileges
BS blood sugar
BSA Blood Surface Area; the total area exposed to the environment
BSC, bsc bedside commode
Bl WK blood work
BM bowel movement
BMR Basal metabolic rate; the amount of energy used in a unit of time by a fasting, resting subject to maintain vital function
BP blood pressure
BR bed rest
B&C biopsy: the removal of a small piece of living tissue from an organ or other part of the body for microscopic examination. Conization: the removal of a cone shaped sample of tissue, as in a cone biopsy
BE Barium enema: a rectal infusion of barium sulfate which is retained in the lower intestinal tract during the studies for diagnosis of abstruction, tumors, or other abnormalities, such as ulcerative colitis.
bid twice a day
bil bilateral
Bl blood
Ba barium
bacti bacteriology
B&B bowel and bladder training
BBB bundle branch block: an inability of cardiac impulses to be conducted down the bundle branches(the network of specialized conducting fibers that transmit electrical impulses within the ventricles of the heart), causing a broaded and abnormally shaped QRS.
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