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Life Skills

Ch. 2: Skills for a Healthy Life

Assessing Your Health This LS teaches you many ways to evaluate your health. Ex: Blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, etc.
Communicating Effectively This LS teaches you valuable listening and speaking skills.
Practicing Wellness This LS helps you apply healthy behaviors so that you can have good life-long health. Ex: Sleeping 7-9 hrs, exercising and eating healthy.
Coping This LS helps you deal with troubles or problems in an effective way.
Being a Wise Consumer This LS helps you make smart decisions with your money. Ex: Comparison shopping.
Evaluating Media Messages This LS will provide you with skills to critically analyze messages on TV, radio, movies, the internet, etc.
Using Refusal Skills This LS will provide you with different ways to say 'no' to something you do not want to do.
Making GREAT Decisions This LS will provide you with steps (weighing options & consequences) to help you make the right choices.
Using Community Resources This LS will help you find local agencies (library, schools, clinics, food bank, churches, etc: MCAA) that will help you improve your health & wellness.
Setting Goals This LS will provide you with tips and guidelines to help you achieve your dreams.
Peer Pressure A feeling that you should do something because it is what your friends want.
Direct Pressure The pressure that results from someone who tries to convince you to do something you wouldn't normally do.
Indirect Pressure The pressure that results from being swayed to do something because people you look up to are doing it.
Persistent Pressure Consistent, repeated pressure that continues regardless of the number of times you say no.
Life Skills Tools for building a healthy life.
Examples of Direct Pressure Teasing, put downs, threats, explanations, persuasion, bribery
Examples of Indirect Pressure Radio/Music, Ads, TV, Role Models, Popular/Famous people
Examples of Refusal Skills: (List any 6 on Quiz) Blame someone else, give a reason, ignore the pressure, say no thanks, make an excuse, suggest something else, say no and mean it (assertively), change the subject, team up with someone else, make a joke out of it, leave the situation, keep saying no,
Created by: Mjunko