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Alcoholism Day 4

Why shouldn't you ever drink and drive? They have a loss of coordination, loss of concentration, and a loss of visual awareness, accident chances go very high.
How does drinking hurt your relationships with others? Their personality can change, more arguments, and b/c of this you lose friends b/c no one wants to be around you.
What is the link between alcohol and violence? alcohol can lead to very bad decision like crimes or sexual activity and can end in violence
violence an act of physical force resulting in injury or abuse
refusal skills strategies that help you say no effectively
withdrawl a series of painful physical and mental symptoms associated with recovery from an addictive substance
What can alcohol do to your education? poorly, failing grades, late or even miss school, trouble paying attention in class, and they often let their classmates or teammates down b/c of their poor preformance
What can alcohol do to your relationships? the person argues more, loses friends b/c they don't want to be around them, they lose interest in a sport or activity that they used to love, may end friendships to cover up alcohol abuse, they become very lonely b/c they push away from others
How does alcohol abuse affect the family? they can't be counted on or trusted in their families, this hurts their families, their are moody and they can hurt their family
What does violence have to do with alcohol? people can become very violent when they are using alcohol b/c they are covering up difficult emotions, such as extreme anger or sadness, they should get help from the doctor or others
Created by: nmarshall013