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Foundations Quiz 1


Optimist A person who thinks positively; sees roadblocks as temporary, looks for the good in each situation.
Paradigm Your point of view, perception and perspective. The way you see things based on previous experiences, or assumption.
Paradigm Shift A change in your point of view, perception and perspective once you have learned more about the situation.
Pessimist A person who thinks negatively; sees roadblocks as unsurmountable; expects the worst/notices the bad in each situation.
Apathy Lack of emotion, feeling, interest or concern; indifference; especially regarding matters of general importance.
Character A person's moral nature; lasting/enduring even during times of difficulty.
Moral Character An innate and genuine moral compass; the ability to recognize right from wrong.
Performance Character Moral character combined with the confidence to stand up and take action against a wrong doing.
Resiliency The ability to recover from change, illness, hardship, and other stressors.
Adversity Hardships/difficulties/obstacles that we will be faced with in our lifetime (big or small).
Polite Ackowledging others and making them feel at ease.
Self Control Being in charge of our actions and reactions.
Principles A standard of behavior; natural law; loyalty and honesty are examples.
Proactive Thinking before you act and taking responsibility for the choices you make.
Reactive Making decisions based on our feelings/mood rather than thoughtfully and rationally.
Respect To show consideration and regard for yourself and others.
Filter The ability to discern between what you are thinking/feeling and what is appropriate to express outwardly (ex: language).
Circle of concern All of the things in your life you genuinely care about.
Circle of influence All of the things that you can directly influence; acknowledging that the only thing you can truly CONTROL in your life is YOU and your actions.
Foundations The roots of our being; the groundwork that sets the path for who we are and who we will become.
EBA (Emotional Bank Account) A metaphor for acknowledging that our actions/words/attitudes all either contribute positively or negatively to our relationships.
Sympathy Acknowledging another's hardships and providing comfort and assurance; a feeling of pity or sorrow for the distress of another.
Empathy Understanding the feelings of another because you have either experienced it yourself, or you can 'put yourself in their shoes'. To feel the feelings of another.
Pause Button A metaphor for Stop and Think for a moment BEFORE you say and do things. Thoughtfully consider the consequences of your actions first :).
Initiative The ability to judge what needs to be done and take action, without suggestion from others.
Created by: Mjunko