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PHR209 Study Guide 4 Final

“The preparation, mixing, assembling, altering, packaging, and labeling of a drug or device in accordance with a licensed practitioner's prescription, medication order, or an initiative based on the practitioner/patient/pharmacist/compounder relationship compounding
Why is there a need for pharmaceutical compounding? make dosage forms that are more appealing to increase compliance. parenteral admixtures ordered on an “as needed” basis. difficulty in handling or measuring dosages.
The USP-NF contains monographs of compounded preparations. standards of quality, strength, and purity of compounded preparations. standards for personnel involved in compounding preparations. Correct! all of the above.
A _________ will provide information about the physical properties of a chemical. material safety data sheet
The USP-NF defines a “cool place” as a place between 8º and 15ºC. Where in a patient's home can this temperature range be found? refrigerator
“The extent to which a dosage form retains, within specified limits, and throughout its period of storage and use, the same properties and characteristics it possessed when it was made” is one definition of stability.
Liquid drugs, solvents, or additives are measured in volumetric glassware etched with either TD or TC. What does TD mean? to deliver, will deliver the total volume measured when emptied
When calibrating a medicine dropper, the drops should be measured in a small graduated cylinder (10 ml).
To ensure the accuracy of a volume dispensed with a syringe completely fill the hub.
Adapt-a-Caps® can be fitted with oral syringes.
Which technique will not reduce the particle size of a powder? spatulation on an ointment slab
Which type of mortar and pestle would be best for mixing liquids and semisolids? glass
Aqueous solutions containing high concentrations of a sugar are called Correct! syrups.
Which ingredient is used in a suspension to retard the settling of the suspended particles? thickening agent
Which ointment base is the most effective occlusive dressing? oleaginous
Which type of pharmacy literature includes textbooks, monographs, standard reference books and review articles secondary
Bing and Google are examples of search engines.
A pharmacy technician would search which website for information on the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam? www.ptcb.org
A pharmacy technician searching for standards of practice regarding compounding sterile and non-sterile products would consult which reference book?
What type of pharmacy references are published frequently and provide a useful source of current information? newsletters
What pharmacy reference contributes the most comprehensive index of international medical literature?
Which pharmacy reference provides information covering the entire body of pharmacy and also includes CE articles? The Journal of Pharmacy Technology
Which drug information source would the pharmacy technician check for a possible drug interaction? Red Book: Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference
A MSDS provides product information on protective measures for chemical exposur
In what drug information source would a pharmacy technician would research information needed to compound a lotion? Remington, The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
Which pharmacy reference would a technician use to find information concerning the dosing of a newly marketed antihypertensive? Drug Facts and Comparisons
The phone number for a drug company would most likely be found in Red Book: Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference.