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Health: LESSON 1

Health Online: Lesson 1

How has our world changed recently? obesity, asthma, diseases from food and bad choices, violence.
What is health? Having vigor and wellness, being able to live life to its fullest potential
Optimum health the best health anyone can obtain
physical health taking care of your physical body
mental health how you feel about yourself
Emotional health your skill in responding appropriately to life’s ups and downs; how you handle challenges in life
8 traits of emotionally healthy people: try to be healthy, be flexible, like living, not self-centered, compassion, help others, close relationships, feel in control
social health our relationship with others
spiritual health find harmony between yourself, others, and demands of the world. *may include religion
healthy workers more productive/ useful to the company, set good examples
hierarchy of human needs how humans grow and develop emotionally; the lower needs must be at least partially met first before upper needs can be met
list the first hierarchy of human needs BASIC PHYSICAL NEEDS- oxygen, food, body substances, shelter, clothing, get rid of waste product
list the second hierarchy of human needs
Created by: 18schmin