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HSO107 pt 4


What are the biological determinants of health? They are diverse and compare factors with another. They drive, mediate, or moderate pathways towards health or disease.
What are the biological determinants of health? - Genes - Sex - Race & ethnicity - Age
Define modifiable in terms of the BDOH: May be altered through environmental influences.
Define non-modifiable in terms of the BDOH: Genetically inherited: - sex - race - history
What is a genotype? - genetic expression at a molecular level, - made up of alleles (eg. Y, y or A, a) - Capital means dominant, lower case means recessive
What is a phenotype? - the physical expression or characteristic of a genotype - i.e. y = white fur Y = yellow fur, b = blue eyes, B = brown eyes - e.g. an animal with the genotype Yybb will have yellow fur and blue eyes
What is sickle cell anaemia? It is a homozygous gene abnormality, meaning both parents must have both of the same gene allele for the sickle cell gene. sickle cell = wrong amino accid on haemoglobin subunity (b-globin) = chronic anaemia
What are some examples of multigene diseases? - CVD - Diabetes - Some cancers - Arthritis - Mental illness
What determine multigene diseases? - dozens/hundreds of key genes determine its presence in individuals
What does the gene-environment interaction do? - jointly influence health
How do genes react under different conditions? - genetic influences play out differently depending on the condition
What are some physiological risk factors? - high blood pressure - high cholesterol - release of stress hormone - altered levels of biochemical markers - genetic factors
What are some protective factors that influence health and wellbeing? - decreased substance use - regular exercise - balanced diet - positive mental health - safe sexual activity
Relating to physiology and function what is a sex? - causes differences in resistance to disease - differences in biochemical and hormonal secretions
Relating to body structure, composition and function, what is a sex? - sex organs are sites of common cancers - storage of adipose tissue
How do gender and sex differ? - gender is socially constructed whilst sex is biologically constructed
What is hegemonic masculinity? - refers to idea that it is culturally normative of males to adopt a model of intense masculinity - it can be counter productive eg. encourage risk taking behaviour
What do interracial relationships influence genetic/cultral wise? - affect risk of disease either positively or negatively
How do the BDOH influence the SDOH? - They provide a holistic view by contributing to the understanding of SDOH
What are genes? - They are comprised of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). - The human genome has 30 000 bases - We have 22 pairs of autosomal (somatic) and 2 pairs of sex chromosomes. - We inherit one sex chromosome from mother and father
What are genes? (Cont.) - They code for all proteins in our body
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