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Med Term Rice 19-21

Medical Terminology Jane Rice Chapter 19-21 Voc

adenocarcinoma Malignant tumor arising in a glandular organ
anaplasia Backward Formation; Characteristic of most cancerous cells in which there is a loss of differentiation and an irreversible alteration in adult cells toward more embryonic cell types
brachytherapy Short Treatment; Radiation therapy in which the radioactive substance is inserted into a body cavity or organ
carcinogen Cancer Formation; Agent or substance that incites or produces cancer
carcinoid Resembles cancer
carcinoma Cancer Tumor; Malignant tumor arising in epithelial tissue
chondrosarcoma Cancerous tumor derived from cartilage cells
choriocarcinoma Cancerous tumor of the uterus or at the site of an ectopic pregnancy
encapsulated In a Little box Use, Action; Enclosed within a site, sheath, or capsule
exacerbation Process of increasing the severity of symptoms
fibrosarcoma Cancerous tumor arising in collagen-producing fibroblasts
glioblastoma Cancerous tumor of the brain
glioma Cancerous tumor of the brain
hemangiosarcoma Cancerous tumor originating in blood vessels
hyperplasia Excessive formation and growth of normal cells
immunosuppression Process of suppressing immunity
immunotherapy Treatment of disease by active, passive, or adoptive immunity
in situ Enclosed within a site
infiltrative nature of to strain through into; "invasive"
leukemia White Blood Condition; Disease of the blood characterized by overproduction of leukocytes
leukoplakia White Plate; White, thickened patches formed on the mucous membranes of the cheeks, gums, or tongue that tend to become cancerous
liposarcoma Cancerous tumor of fat cells
lymphangiosarcoma Cancerous tumor of lymphatic vessels
lymphoma Cancerous tumor of the lymph nodes
malignant forming bad kind
melanoma Cancerous black mole or tumor
metastasis beyond control; spreading process of cancer
mutagen to change formation
mycotoxin Substance produced by fungus growing in food or animal feed that, if ingested, can cause cancer
myeloma Bone Marrow Tumor
myosarcoma Cancerous tumor of muscle tissue
neoplasm Literally means new thing formed
nephroblastoma Cancerous tumor of the kidney most often found in children 2 to 3 years of age; also called Wilm's tumor
oncogenes Cancer-causing genes
oncogenic Pertaining to the formation of tumors
osteogenic sarcoma Bone Formation Flesh Tumor; Cancerous tumor composed of osseous tissue
palliative Nature of Cloaked; Pertaining to a form of treatment to relieve or alleviate symptoms without curing.
precancerous Pertaining to before Cancer; Pertaining to the state of a growth or condition before the onset of cancer
remission Process Remit; Process of lessening the severity of symptoms
retinoblastoma Retina Immature Cell Tumor; Cancerous tumor of the retina
rhabdomyosarcoma Rod Muscle Flesh Tumor; Cancerous tumor originating from the same embryonic cells that develop into striated muscles
sarcoma Flesh Tumor; Cancerous tumor arising in connective tissue
teratoma Monster Tumor; Cancerous tumor of the ovary or testis;
xerostomia Condition of dryness of the mouth caused by radiation therapy or chemotherapy
angiocardiogram X-ray record of the heart and great vessels
angiogram X-ray record of the blood vessels
arthrography Joint Recording; Process of making an X-ray record of a joint
bronchogram Bronchi Record; X-ray record of the bronchial tree
cholangiogram Bile Vessel Record; X-ray record of the bile ducts
cholecystogram Gall bladder Record; X-ray record of the gallbladder
echoencephalography Recording Brain Echo
fluorescence Property of certain substances to emit light
fluoroscopy To examine Fluorescence; Process of examining internal structures by viewing the shadows cast on a fluorescent screen after the x-ray has passed through the body
hysterosalpingogram X-ray record of the uterus and fallopian tubes
intravenous pyelogram X-ray record of the kidney and renal pelvis
irradiation into radiant process; process of using x-rays in diagnosis or treatment
lymphangiography Process of making an X-ray record of the lymph vessels
mammography Breast Recording; Process of obtaining pictures of the breast with x-rays
myelogram X-ray record of the spinal cord
radiation Radiant Process; Process by which radiant energy is propagated through space or matter
radiographer Person skilled in making x-ray records
radiologist Physician who specializes in radiology
radiolucent X-ray to shine; Property of permitting the passage of radiant energy
radiopaque X-ray Dark; Property of obstructing the passage of radiant energy
radiotherapy Treatment of disease by the use of x-rays
sonogram Record Sound ; Record produced by ultrasonography
thermography Heat Recording; Process of recording heat patterns of the body's surface;
agoraphobia Fear Marketplace; fear of being alone or being in public places
anorexia nervosa Without Appetite; Complex psychological disorder in which the individual refuses to eat or has an abnormally limited eating pattern
anxiety Feeling of uneasiness, apprehension, worry, or dread; involuntary or reflex reaction of the body to stress
apathy Condition in which a person lacks feelings and emotions and is indifferent
autism Self Condition; disorder in which the individual may be self-absorbed, inaccessible, unable to relate to others, and has language disturbances
compulsion Uncontrollable urge to perform an act, such as excessive hand washing, in order to relieve fear connected with obsession
delusion Process to cheat; Occurrence of bizarre thoughts that have no basis in reality
dementia Problem in the brain that makes it difficult for a person to remember, learn, communicate, and eventually take care of himself or herself
depression Mental disorder marked by altered mood and loss of interest in things that are usually pleasurable, such as food, sex, work, friends, hobbies, or entertainment
egocentric Pertaining to being self-centered
hallucination Process to wonder in mind; Process of experiencing sensations that have no source
hypomania Below or deficient madness; Abnormal mood of mild mania
mania Madness; mental disorder characterized by excessive excitement
neurotic Pertaining to Nerve; Pertaining to a person who has an abnormal emotional or mental disorder
paranoia Abnormal Mind; Mental disorder characterized by highly exaggerated or unwarranted mistrust or suspiciousness
phobia Fear; Morbid and persistent fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that results in a compelling desire to avoid the feared stimulus
psychiatrist Physician who specializes in the study, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders
psychologist One who specializes in the study of the mind
psychology Study of the mind
psychopath Mind Disease; Mentally ill individual with an antisocial personality disorder
psychosis Mind Condition; Serious, abnormal mental condition in which the individual’s mental capacity to recognize reality and communicate with and relate to others is impaired; characterized by delusions and hallucinations
psychosomatic Pertaining to the interrelationship of the mind and the body
psychotherapy Mind, Treatment; Method of treating mental disorders by using psychological techniques instead of physical methods;
psychotropic Drug that affects psychic function, behavior, or experience
schizophrenia Condition Mind to Divide; Mental disorder characterized by positive and negative symptoms
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