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Respiratory system


What is the really strong muscle in your upper body Diaphragm
Your lungs are filled with tiny path ways similar to a sponge and they let take in air
Your lungs have as much surface area as a Tennis court
what are the air sacs called alveoli
which lung is bigger right lung
The right lung has three lobes
The left lung has two lobes
The left lung is smaller so your heart can fit
Is getting oxygen we need from the are we breath Respiration
Stores energy and lets it go ATP
Karate the power comes from the Diaphragm
protects the throat and lungs and prevents dust from coming in Muces
Occurs when the cells in your body take in oxygen and creates energy and some waste called carbon Cellular Respiration
Respiration = food+ oxygen= energy
we can not breath underwater but fish can because they have gills
tubes smaller than bronchioles alveolar ducts
lungs have 50 times more of this than skin surface area
grape like sacs alveoli
main parts lungs Branchi trachea diaphram
Respiration is the echanges of gases between your body and the air
problems asthma bronchitis tuberculosis influenza
This is the exchanges of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the blood and the air in the lungs
This is the exchanges of gases between the blood and the cell of the body
care staying active, avoiding tobacco smoke, avoiding polluted air, protecting self from respiratory infections
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