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Med Term Rice CF

Medical Terminology Jane Rice Chapter 16-18 CF

ambly/o dull
anis/o unequal
blephar/o eyelid
choroid/o choroid
conjunctiv/o to join together; conjunctiva
cor/o pupil
corne/o cornea
cry/o cold
cycl/o ciliary body
dacry/o tear, lacrimal duct, tear duct
dipl/o double
foc/o focus
goni/o angle
irid/o iris
kerat/o cornea
lacrim/o tear, lacrimal duct, tear duct
lent/o lens
mi/o less, small
ocul/o eye
ophthalm/o eye
opt/o eye
phac/o lens
phak/o lentil, lens
phot/o light
pupill/o pupil
retin/o retina
scler/o sclera, hardening
stigmat/o point
trich/o hair
uve/o uvea
xen/o foreign material
xer/o dry
abort/o to miscarry
cervic/o cervix, neck
coit/o a coming together
colp/o vagina
culd/o cul-de-sac
gynec/o female
hyster/o womb, uterus
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
men/o month, menses, menstruation
metr/i womb, uterus
metr/o womb, uterus
o/o ovum, egg
oophor/o ovary
salping/o fallopian tube
vagin/o vagina
venere/o sexual intercourse
vers/o turning
balan/o glans penis
cis/o to cut
crypt/o hidden
didym/o testis
ejaculat/o to throw out
gon/o genitals
gynec/o female
orch/o testicle
orchid/o testicle
prostat/o prostate
sperm/o seed, sperm
sperm/i seed, sperm
spermat/o seed, sperm
testicul/o testicle
varic/o twisted vein
vesicul/o seminal vesicle
zo/o animal
arche beginning
ate use
castr to prune
cept receive
contra against
emulsificat disintegrate
enucleat to remove the kernal of
eso inward
genital belonging to birth
lamp to shine
mydriatic dilation
nyctal night
opia vision
ovulat little egg
pareun laying beside, sexual intercourse
pause cessation
phim a muzzle
ptosis prolapse, drooping
spadias an opening
strabism a squinting
uter uterus
Created by: msmithart