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Med Term Rice 16-18

Medical Terminology Jane Rice Chapter 16-18 Voc

amblyopia Dullness of vision; reduced or dimness of vision; also called lazy eye
anisocoria Condition in which the pupils are unequal
aphakia Condition in which the crystalline lens is absent
astigmatism Defect in the refractive powers of the eye
bifocal Pertaining to having two foci
blepharitis Inflammation of the hair follicles and glands along the edges of the eyelids
blepharoptosis Drooping of the upper eyelid(s)
cataract Opacity of the lens or its capsule.
choroiditis Inflammation of the vascular coat of the eye
conjunctivitis Inflammation of the conjunctiva.
corneal Pertaining to the cornea
cryosurgery Cold surgery
cycloplegia Paralysis of the ciliary muscle
dacryoma Tumorlike swelling caused by obstruction of the tear duct(s)
diplopia Double vision
entropion Process of turning in; lower eyelid.
enucleation Process of removing; as in the eyeball from its orbit.
esotropia Condition in which the eye or eyes turn inward; also called crossed eyes
exotropia Condition turn out; one or both eyes
glaucoma Increased intraocular pressure.
hemianopia Lack of half sight or vision.
hyperopia Vision defect in which parallel rays come to a focus beyond the retina; also called farsightedness
intraocular Pertaining to within the eye
iridectomy Surgical excision of a portion of the iris
iridocyclitis Inflammation of the iris and ciliary body
keratitis Inflammation of the cornea
keratoconjunctivitis Inflammation of the cornea and the conjunctiva.
keratoplasty Surgical repair of the cornea
lacrimal Pertaining to the tears
miotic Pertaining to small; an agent that causes the pupil to contract.
mydriatic Pertaining to dilation.
myopia nearsightedness
nyctalopia Night sight condition; also known as night blindness
nystagmus Involuntary constant rhythmic movement of the eyeball.
ocular Pertaining to the eye
ophthalmologist Physician who specializes in the study of the eye
ophthalmology Study of the eye
ophthalmoscope Instrument used to examine the interior of the eye
optic Pertaining to the eye
optician Eye specialist; one who specializes in making eyeglasses.
optometrist One who specializes measure eye;
phacoemulsification Process disintegrate lens; Process of using ultrasound to disintegrate a cataract.
phacosclerosis Condition of hardening of the crystalline lens
photophobia Fear light; Unusual intolerance of light
presbyopia Old Sight; also known as (hyperopia) farsightedness
pupillary Pertaining to the pupil
retinitis Inflammation of the retina
retinoblastoma Malignant tumor arising from the germ cell of the retina
retinopathy Any disease of the retina
scleritis Inflammation of the sclera
Strabismus a squinting structure.
tonometer Instrument used to measure intraocular pressure
trifocal Pertaining to three focus; Pertaining to having three foci
uveal Pertaining to uvea; the second or vascular coat of the eye
xenophthalmia Condition eye foreign material.
xerophthalmia Dry eye condition.
abortion Process to miscarry
amenorrhea Lack of the monthly flow (menses or menstruation)
cervicitis Inflammation of the uterine cervix
contraception Process receive against; Process of preventing conception
cystocele Hernia of the bladder that protrudes into the vagina
dysmenorrhea Difficult or painful monthly flow (menses or menstruation)
dyspareunia Condition of difficult or painful sexual intercourse (copulation)
endometriosis Condition within uterus. Condition in which endometrial tissue occurs in various sites in the abdominal or pelvic cavity
fibroma Fibrous tissue tumor; also called fibroid tumor
genitalia Condition belonging to birth; Male or female reproductive organs
gravida Refers to any pregnancy.
gynecologist Physician who specializes in the study of the female.
hysterectomy Surgical excision of the uterus
hysterotomy Incision into the uterus; also called a cesarean section
intrauterine Pertaining to within the uterus
lumpectomy Surgical excision of a lump.
mammoplasty Surgical repair of the breast
mastectomy Surgical excision of the breast
mastitis Inflammation of the breast
menarche Beginning of menstruation.
menopause Cessation of the monthly flow; also called climacteric
menorrhagia To burst forth menstruation; Excessive uterine bleeding at the time of a menstrual period either in number of days or amount of blood or both
menorrhea Flow menstruation; Normal monthly flow
myometritis Inflammation uterus muscle; Inflammation of the muscular wall of the uterus
oligomenorrhea Scanty monthly flow (menses or menstruation)
oogenesis Formation of the ovum
oophorectomy Surgical excision of an ovary
ovulation Process little egg
para Means to bear or bring forth; refers to a woman who has given birth after 20 weeks gestation regardless of whether the infant is born dead or alive.**
perimenopause Around menstruation cessation.
postcoital Pertaining to a coming together after; Pertaining to after sexual intercourse
preeclampsia Condition to shine out before.
rectovaginal Pertaining to the rectum and vagina
retroversion Process of being turned backward
salpingectomy Surgical excision of a fallopian tube
salpingitis Inflammation of a fallopian tube
salpingo-oophorectomy Surgical excision of an ovary and a fallopian tube
uterine fibroid Pertainig to Uterus Fibrous tissue resemble
vaginitis Inflammation of the vagina
venereal Pertaining to sexual intercourse
anorchism Condition in which there is a lack of one or both testes
aspermia Condition of lack of sperm
azoospermia Condition in which the semen lacks spermatozoa
balanitis Inflammation of the glans penis
benign prostatic hyperplasia Enlargement of the prostate gland.
castrate use to prune; Removal of the testicles or ovaries.
circumcision Process to cut around; Surgical process of removing the foreskin of the penis
condyloma wartlike growth on the skin of genitalia
cryptorchidism Hidden testicle condition; Condition in which the testes fail to descend into the scrotum
ejaculation Process to throw out
epispadias An opening upon; Congenital defect in which the urethra opens on the dorsum of the penis
eugenics Produce or formation good; Study and control of the bringing forth of offspring.
gonorrhea Genitals flow;
gynecomastia Condition of female breast
heterosexual Pertaining to sex different
homosexual Pertaining to sex same
hydrocele Water hernia/swelling/tumor; Accumulation of fluid in a saclike cavity;
hypospadias An opening under; Congenital defect in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis
oligospermia Condition in which there is a scanty amount of spermatozoa
orchidectomy Surgical excision of a testicle
orchiditis Inflammation of a testicle
orchidotomy Incision into a testicle
phimosis A muzzle condition; Narrowing of the opening of the prepuce wherein the foreskin cannot be drawn back over the glans penis
prostatectomy Surgical excision of the prostate
prostatitis Inflammation of the prostate
spermatocele Sperm swelling; Cystic swelling of the epididymis that contains spermatozoa
spermatogenesis Formation of spermatozoa
spermatozoon sperm life; Male sex cell; plural form is spermatozoa
spermicide Agent that kills sperm
testicular Pertaining to a testicle
varicocele Enlargement and twisting of the veins of the spermatic cord
vasectomy Surgical excision of a vessel; Surgical procedure in which the vas deferens are tied off and cut apart;
vesiculitis Inflammation of a seminal vesicle
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