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Newborn Baby

Can you remember what these key words mean?

Neonate A newborn baby aged up to one month.
Root An instinctive search for the breast
Primitive Reflexes Automatic responses to stimuli
APGAR Score A measurement of vital signs in newborn babies
Congential Anything present at birth
Lanugo A soft, downy hair covering the skin in the womb.
Milia Tiny white spots that soon go away.
Vernix Caseosa A creamy substance that protects the skin in the womb.
Pre-Term A baby born before 37 weeks gestation
Gestation The time the baby spends developing in the womb, usually 40 weeks.
Full Term A baby born at around 40 weeks.
Small-for-dates A baby born full term, but lighter than average.
Colic A painful condition in the gut. It tends to occur at the same time each day and can go on for several months.
SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome. When a baby dies suddenly for no apparent reason.
Baby Blues Moods that swing from happiness to tears following birth, due to hormone imbalance.
Post Natal Depression A new mother's severe feeling of not being able to cope, even when she is coping fine.
Created by: hodgel