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Pregnancy Key Words

Can you remember what these key words mean?

Ante-Natal Care given to mother and baby before birth.
EDD Estimated date of delivery. (Roughly when the baby is due to be born.)
Ectopic Pregnancy Implantation occurs in the fallopian tubes instead of in the wall of the uterus.
Miscarriage The sudden loss of an unborn baby.
Threatened Abortion Signs of a potential miscarriage are seen, but all is eventually ok.
Inevitable Abortion When the foetus is pushed from the uterus by the woman's body.
Missed Abortion When the foetus is dead in the uterus and needs to be surgically removed.
General Practitioner A family doctor
Obstetrician A doctor specialising in problems in fertility and reproduction
Paediatrician A doctor specialising in the care of babies and children.
Hyperemesis Severe vomiting in pregnancy.
Ketosis A dangerous condition in which high levels of Ketones build up in a pregnant woman's urine.
Intravenous Fluids given straight in the blood through a drip.
Screening Test A test to check any potential problems
Diagnostic Test A test to identify a problem.
Birth Plan A plan of how the mother wishes her labour to progress if there are no complications
Contraction A tightening of the muscles in the uterus
Birth Canal The vagina, cervix and uterus form on channel.
Crowning The baby's head appearing at the entrance of the vagina.
Perineum The skin between the rectum and the vagina
Oxytocin A hormon that stimulates contractions and reduces bleeding after the birth.
Pethidine One of several drugs that relieve pain during labour
Entonox A gas and air mixture inhaled to relieve pain
Epidural An anaestheticgiven via the spine.
Anaesthetic Something that stops you feeling pain
TENS Electrical impulses that affect pain messages from the brain.
Endorphins The body's natural pain reliving chemicals.
Syntocin A drug used to induce labour
Episiotomy A cut made in the perineum to avoid a woman tearing during the birth.
Forceps A tool like BBQ tongs that holds the baby and helps pull the baby through the vagina.
Ventouse Extraction Delivering a baby using suction
Caesarean Section Delivering a baby by surgery.
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