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Conception Key Words

Can you remember what these key words mean?

Puberty When a boy or girl matures sexually into a man or woman.
Menstruation A regular flow of blood from the vagina as the lining of the uterus breaks down.
Ovum Medical term for a woman's egg.
Hormone Chemical released into the blood stream that has a specific effect on certain areas of the body.
Conception When a man's sperm has fertilised a woman's egg.
Fertilisation The process of the sperm entering the ovum.
Uterus (womb) A strong muscle that expands during pregnancy to contain the growing baby.
Placenta This develops alongside the baby throughout the pregnancy, providing hormones and nutrients and dealing with waste products.
Implantation When the fertilised cells have attached themselves to the wall of the uterus.
Embryo Describes a baby from implantation until 8 weeks of pregnancy
Amniotic Fluid A liquid contained in the amniotic sac in which the baby floats.
Amniotic Sac A bag which cocoons the baby during pregnancy.
Umbilical Cord The baby's lifeline. It passes nutrients and blood from the mother to the baby and takes away the baby's body waste.
Cervix The neck of the usterus.
Foetus Used to decribe a baby from 8 weeks of pregnancy.
Contraceptive Methods to prevent a woman getting pregnant.
Safe sex Having sexual intercourse while both protecting from pregnancy and keeping safe from sexually transmitted diseases.
Created by: hodgel