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Health Review

Study guide for test

Degenerative disease Is the progressive deterioration of tissue over several years.
Dementia Severe and irreversible loss of mental ability, aka senile.
Hallucination Seeing hearing or sensing something that does not exist.
Obsessions Are persistent thoughts that interrupt normal thinking.
Psychiatrist Is the doctor who specializes in the treatment of mental disorders.
Phobia is the constant, unreasonable fear of a situation or object.
Amnesia Is the sudden inability to remember basic personal information.
77 years old Is the average life expectancy
Psoriasis Make patches of pink or purple colored skin covered with grayish white scales.
SPF Sun Protection Factor
Colorblindness Is a hereditary disorder in which a person cannot distinguish between certain colors.
Farsighted Is when people can see objects at a distance OK but objects near are blurred.
STD Stands for infectious diseases that are spread through sexual contact.
Chlamydia Is known as the silent disease
Asymptomatic Means that there are no obvious signs of a sexually transmitted disease.
Health Is a state of well-being, overall wellness.
8 hours Is the healthy amount of time that people should sleep every night.
Epidemiology Is the study of factors that cause an illness.
HIV Is the virus that causes AIDS
HSV type 1 Is usually associated with blisters around the mouth.
Cancer Is the uncontrolled growth of cells that invade and destroy tissue.
98.6 degrees Average body temperature
Cataracts A condition that causes blurred vision at all distances
Gonorrhea is characterized by a green discharge.
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