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Med Term Rice Ch12

Medical Terminology Jane Rice Chapter 12 Voc

albuminuria Indicates the presence of serum protein in the urine.
antidiuretic Pertaining to a medication that decreases urine production and secretion.
anuria Lack of urine production.
bacteriuria Presence of bacteria in the urine.
calculus Pebble; any abnormal concretion (stone)
cystitis Inflammation of the bladder.
cystocele Hernia of the bladder that protrudes into the vagina.
cystodynia Pain in the bladder. Commonly called cystalgia.
cystolithectomy Surgical removal of a stone from the bladder.
cystoscope Medical instrument used for examination of the bladder.
dialysis Medical procedure to separate waste material from the blood and to maintain fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance in impaired kidney function.
diuresis Pathological condition of increased or excessive flow of urine. Occurs in diabetes.
dysuria Difficult or painful urination
enuresis Condition of involuntary emission of urine; bedwetting.
excretory Pertaining to the elimination of waste products from the body.
glomerular Pertaining to the glomerulus.
glomerulonephritis Inflammation of the kidney involving the glomeruli.
glycosuria Presence of glucose in the urine.
hematuria Presence of red blood cells in the urine.
hemodialysis Use of an artificial kidney to separate waste from the blood.
hydronephrosis Pathological condition in which urine collects in the renal pelvis because of an obstructed outflow. *
hypercalciuria Excessive amount of calcium in the urine.
incontinence Inability to hold or control urination or defecation.
ketonuria Presence of ketones in the urine resulting from breakdown of fats due to faulty carbohydrate metabolism.
lithotripsy Crushing of a kidney stone.
meatotomy Incision of the urinary meatus to enlarge the opening.
micturition Process of urination.
nephrectomy Surgical excision of a kidney.
nephritis Inflammation of the kidney.
nephrocystitis Inflammation of the bladder and the kidney.
nephrolith Kidney stone.
nephroma Kidney tumor.
nephropathy Pathological disease of the kidney.
nephrosclerosis Condition of hardening of the kidney.
nocturia Urination during the night.
oliguria Scanty, decreased amount of urine.
polyuria Excessive secretion and discharge of urine. Frequent urination.
pyelolithotomy Surgical incision into the renal pelvis for removal of a stone.
pyelonephritis Inflammation of the kidney and the renal pelvis.
pyuria Pus in the urine.
renal Pertaining to the kidney.
stricture Abnormal narrowing of a duct or passage such as the esophagus, ureter or urethra.
ureteropathy Disease of the ureter.
ureteroplasty Surgical repair of the ureter.
urethralgia Pain in the urethra.
urinal Container, toilet, or bathroom fixture into which one urinates.
urinalysis Analysis of urine. *
urination Process of voiding urine.
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