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Med Term Rice Ch11

Medical Terminology Jane Rice Chapter 11 Voc

alveolus Pertaining to a small air sac in the lungs.
apnea Temporary cessation of breathing.
aspiration The act of drawing in or out by suction using a device such as a syringe or needle.
bronchiectasis Chronic dilation of a bronchus or bronchi, with a secondary infection that usually involves the lower portion of a lung.
bronchiolitis Inflammation of the bronchioles.
bronchitis Inflammation of the bronchi.
bronchoscope Medical instrument used to visually examine the bronchi.
cyanosis Abnormal condition of the skin and mucous membrane caused by oxygen deficiency in the blood.
diaphragmatocele Hernia of the diaphragm.
dysphonia Condition of difficulty in speaking; hoarseness.
dyspnea Literally means difficulty in breathing.
endotracheal Within the trachea.
epistaxis Nosebleed
eupnea Good or normal breathing.
exhalation Process of breathing out.
expectoration Process of coughing up and spitting out material (sputum) from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea.
hemoptysis Spitting up blood.
hyperpnea Excessive or rapid breathing.
hyperventilation Process of excessive ventilating, thereby increasing the air in the lungs beyond the normal limit.
hypoxia Condition of deficient amounts of oxygen in the inspired air.
inhalation Process of breathing in.
laryngeal Pertaining to the larynx (voice box)
laryngitis Inflammation of the larynx (voice box).
larygoscope Medical instrument used to visually examine the larynx.
lobectomy Surgical excision of a lobe of any organ or gland, such as the lung.
nasopharyngitis Inflammation of the nose and pharynx (throat).
olfaction Process of smelling.
oropharynx Central position of the throat that lies between the soft palate and upper portion of the epiglottis.
orthopnea Inability to breathe unless in an upright or straight position.
pharyngitis Inflammation of the pharynx (throat).
pleuritis Inflammation of the pleura.
pleurodynia Pain in the pleura.
pneumoconiosis Abnormal condition of the lung caused by the inhalation of dust particles such as coal dust, stone dust, iron dust, asbestos, and quartz dust.
pneumonia Inflammation of the lung caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or chemical irritants.
pneumonitis Inflammation of the lung.
pulmonectomy Surgical excision of the lung or a part of a lung.
pyothorax Pus in the chest
respirator Medical device used to assist in breathing.
rhinoplasty Surgical repair of the nose.
rhinorrhea Discharge from the nose.
rhinovirus One of a group of viruses that cause the common cold.
rhonchus Rale or rattling sound in the throat or bronchial tubes caused by a partial obstruction.
sinusitis Inflammation of a sinus.
spirometer Medical instrument used to measure lung volume during inspiration and expiration.
tachypnea Rapid breathing.
thoracocentisis Surgical puncture of the chest wall for removal of fluid.
thoracoplasty Surgical repair of the chest wall.
thoracotomy Incision into the chest wall.
tonsillectomy Surgical excision of the tonsils.
tonsillitis Inflammation of the tonsils.
tracheal Pertaining to the trachea (windpipe).
trachealgia Pain in the trachea (windpipe).
tracheolaryngotomy Incision into the trachea and larynx.
tracheostomy New opening into the trachea.
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