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Health Nutrition

The "MyPlate" graphic shows what food groups to include at every meal? fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, dairy
What three things must be used to determine the calories needed each day? age, gender, activity level
What disease risks could be reduced by controlling body weight and eating less sugar? diabetes
What disease risks could be reduced by eating more calcium? osteoporosis
What disease risks could be reduced by eating less fat and salt? heart disease
What disease risks could be reduced by eating more antioxidants and fiber? cancer
Eat a what of foods? variety
Balance what? food and exercise
Choose snacks low in what? sugar, fat, salt
Pay attention to what sizes? portion
Every morning eat a what? healthy breakfasts
The body's best source of energy complex carbohydrates
Increases blood cholesterol saturated fats
Builds and repairs body cells protein
Removes waste and regulates temperature water
Provides quick, short lasting energy simple carbohydrates
Helps resist germs and illness vitamin C
Builds strong bones and teeth calcium
Helps maintain healthy skin and eyes vitamin A
Needed to form healthy red blood cells iron
Helps the body use calcium for strong bones vitamin D
The chemical substances found in food nutrients
A chart of the relationship between weight & height body mass index
Fat-like substance found in your blood cholesterol
An eating disorder where person starves themselves anorexia
The amount of food the label information is based on serving size
Helps protect cells and reduce the risk of cancer (found in blueberries and broccoli) antioxidants
A unit for measuring the energy available from food calorie
Help for eating disorders: counselor, nurse, health professional, clinics, support groups
Created by: tiggerandelise