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Med Term Rice Ch7 Vo

Medical Terminology Jane Rice Chapter 7 Voc

abductor Muscle that on contraction draws away from the middle.
adductor Muscle that draws a part toward the middle.
amputation Surgical removal of a limb, part, or other appendage.
antagonist Muscle that counteracts the action of another muscle.
ataxia Lack of muscular coordination.
atonic Pertaining to a lack of normal tone or tension; lack of normal muscle tone.
atrophy Lack of nourishment, wasting of muscular tissue that may be caused by lack of use.
brachialgia Pain in the arm
bradykinesia Slowness of motion or movement
clonic Pertaining to alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles.
contraction Process of drawing up and thickening of a muscle fiber.
contracture Condition in which a muscle shortens and renders the muscle resistant to the normal stretching process.
dactylospasm Medical term for a cramp of a finger or toe.
dermatomyositis Inflammation of the muscles and the skin. *
diaphram Partition of muscles and membranes that separate the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity. It is the major muscle of breathing.
diathermy Treatment using high frequency current to produce heat within a part of the body. *
dystonia Condition of impaired muscle tone
dystrophy Any condition of abnormal development caused by defective nourishment.
fascia Thin layer of connective tissue covering, supporting, or connecting the muscles or inner organs of the body.
fibromyalgia Disorder with chronic, widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.
hydrotherapy Treatment using scientific application of water.
insertion Point of attachment of a muscle to the part that it moves.
intramuscular (IM) Pertaining to within a muscle; such as an IM injection
isometric Pertaining to having equal measure. increasing tension of a muscle while maintaining equal length.
levator Muscle that raises or elevates.
myalgia Pain in the muscle.
myoblast Embryonic cell that develops into a cell of muscle fiber.
myofiberoma Tumor that contains muscle and fiber.
myokinesis Muscular motion or activity.
myology Study of muscles.
myomalacia Softening of muscle tissue.
myoparesis Weakness or slight paralysis of a muscle.
myopathy Muscle disease.
myoplasty Surgical repair of a muscle.
myosclerosis Abnormal condition of hardening of muscle.
myositis Inflammation of muscle tissue, especially skeletal muscles
neuromyopathic Pertaining to a disease condition involving both nerves and muscles.
polyplegia Paralysis affecting many muscles.
prosthesis Artificial device used to replace an organ or body part.
quadriceps Muscle that has four heads or points of origin.
relaxation Process in which a muscle loosens and returns to a resting stage.
rotation Process of moving a body part around a central axis.
spasticity Condition of increased muscular tone causing stiff and awkward movements.
sternocleidomastoid Muscle arising from the sternum and clavicle with its insertion in the mastoid process.
synergetic Pertaining to certain muscles that work together.
synovitis Inflammation of a synovial membrane.
tenodynia Pain in a tendon.
tonic Pertaining to tone, especially muscular tone.
torsion Process of being twisted.
torticollis Stiff neck caused by spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the neck.
triceps Muscle having three heads with a single insertion.
voluntary Under the control of one's will.
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