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C&W: sexual activity

Choices and wellness: risks of sexual activity

What is dating? Going out socially with someone to whom you are attracted.
What are four benefits of dating? -boosts self esteem -become more comfortable around teens -able to relax -enjoy yourself
What is sexual harassment? Repeated or unwanted remarks, behavior, or touches that have sexual content.
How can you tell when you are being harassed? -feel uncomfortable
What are some of your rights in a relationship? -treated with respect -express thoughts/feelings -state what you will and won't do -make your own choices -say no
Why is it important to practice respecting others and how does it help to build a healthy relationship? Shows you value others and shows how you want to be treated.
What is the difference between intimacy and sexual activity? Intimacy is an emotional closeness. Sexual activity is physical contact.
How can you show affection that don't include sex? -listening to each other -encouraging each other -supporting each other -trying new things together -explore your town -hugging -holding hands
What are the three kinds of abuse? Verbal, physical, sexual.
Define verbal abuse? Use of hurtful words to intimidate, hurt, or dominate another person.
Define physical abuse? The physical mistreatment meant to cause bodily harm to another person.
Define sexual abuse? Unwanted and repeated sexual actions or activity that is forced on another person.
What are three ways to get help if you are the victim of abuse or sexual violence? -Get away from the person who hurt you -Talk to your parents/trusted adult -Go immediately to the nearest emergency room/hospital
What are the three consequences of sexual activity? Social, emotional, physical.
What is one social consequence of sexual activity? -Lying to family -Acts differently around friends - Change in self-esteem
What is one emotional consequence of sexual activity? -Vulnerable -Guilt -Anxiety -Feels used -Emotional stress from regret
What is one physical consequence of sexual activity? -Pregnancy -STD's
What is a STD? A Sexually Transmitted Disease is an infection spread from one person to another by sexual contact.
What is the most effective way to prevent STD's? Remaining abstinent.
What is HIV? AIDS? HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus. AIDS is contracted from HIV and is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
How is HIV diagnosed and treated? Diagnosed- through blood test Treated- lots of pills to slow down virus
What are ways that people are exposed to HIV? Sexual contact and sharing needles to use drugs.
Created by: 20pennel