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Health Unit 7

Healthy Relationships and sex education

Which skill is most important when a friend asks you to keep a secret? Trustworthiness
Which skill is necessary to maintain a friendship with a friend who has different political beliefs? Caring
What are several issues you should discuss with a parent or guardian before beginning to date? age, Transportation, Destination, Time, Schedule, Smoking, drugs, alcohol, Sex, Contact information, and Emergency procedure
What defines spending your free time with someone to determine whether you are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship? Dating
A connection with another person is what? Relationship
Unhealthy relationships may have a profound impact on you and what? Health
Everyone has to have them? Friends
Who gets to make the "dating" rules? guardian/parent
How long are teen fathers legally required to support their children? Until their 18
Which is the best resource to help deal with a relationship problem that is affecting your health? a religious counselor or leader
Which factor contributes to the success of one’s marriage? dating a long time before marriage
Which skill developed as a teen increases one’s success at marriage? emotional maturity
Although all are necessary, which is considered a basic need that parents must provide for their children? medical care
Identify the 3 different types of relationships? Friends, family and romantic
What are some characteristics of a good friendship? Respect, trustworthiness, caring, communication, compromise
If the friendship is based on honesty, dependability, and loyalty, it is known to be what? Trustworthy
Created by: ttvierra