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Vocabulary Unit 3


8th Grade Unit 3 Vocabulary
Consumer anyone who uses products or services
Product the item being sold
Consumer Skills techniques that enable you to make wise, informed purchases
Advertising the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services
Deceive To mislead, trick, bamboozle, hood wink, betray or abuse
Consumer Rights a form of government regulation that protects the interests of consumers
Consumer Advocate an organization or person that will pursue a complaint on behalf of a consumer without charging a fee
Redress Seeking compensation for a wring doing one has suffered.
Responsibilities Having the job or duty of doing something.
Quack a person who markets inaccurate health
Quackery consumer fraud or deception that involves the practice of promoting or selling useless products or services.
Fad something that is very popular for a short period of time
Health Fraud selling of products or services to prevent diseases or cure health problems that have not been scientifically proven safe or effective for such purposes.
Mental and emotional health the ability to accept oneself and others, adapt to and cope with emotions, and deal with the problems and challenges one meets in life.
Anxiety Disorder disorder in which intense anxiety or fear keeps a person from functioning normally
Phobia an exaggerated fear of a specific situation or object.
Personality Disorder a psychological condition that affects a person’s ability to interact normally with others
Mood Disorder a disorder in which a person undergoes changes in mood that seem inappropriate or extreme
Major Depression a very serious mood disorder in which people lose interest in life and can no longer find enjoyment in anything
Schizophrenia a severe mental disorder in which people lose contact with reality
Therapy an approach that teaches you different ways of thinking or behaving
Psychologist a mental health professional who is trained and licensed by the state to perform therapy
Psychiatrist a medical doctor with a specialty in the treatment of mental health problems
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder a disorder in which a person feels compelled to perform certain actions repeatedly in order to alleviate intrusive thoughts;
Eating Disorder an extreme and damaging eating behavior that can lead to sickness and even death
Anorexia Nervosa an eating disorder characterized by self
Bulimia a condition in which a person eats large amounts of food and then secretly purges
Binge eating disorder a compulsive overeating
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