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Vocabulary Unit 2


8th Grade Unit 2 Vocabulary
Pathogen disease causing organisms that are so small they can only be seen through a microscope
Disease a condition that interferes with the proper functioning of the body or mind
Infection a condition that occurs when pathogens enter the body, multiply and cause harm
Genetic Disorder a disorder that is caused partly or completely by a defect in genes
Preventive Health Care Measures treating a disease or injury so that it does not get worse, getting proper nutrition, physical activity, rest, etc; steps taken to keep disease or injury from happening or from getting worse
Immunization a vaccine of dead or weakened germs that causes the immune system to produce antibodies
Genetic Disorder a disorder that is caused partly or completely by a defect in genes
Nicotine an addictive drug found in tobacco leaves and in all tobacco products
Tar a thick, oily, dark, liquid that forms when tobacco burns.
Carbon Monoxide a poisonous, odorless, colorless gas
Smokeless Tobacco ground tobacco that is chewed or inhaled through the nose
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) a condition in which passages in the lungs become swollen and irritated, eventually losing their elasticity
Cardiovascular disease a disease of the heart and blood vessels
Alcohol Abuse underage, binge drinking, peer pressure, etc., and the psychological or physical addiction to alcohol
Reaction Time the ability of the body to respond quickly and appropriately to situations
Intoxication a person’s mental and physical abilities have been impaired by alcohol
Blood Alcohol Content a measure of the amount of alcohol present in a person’s blood
Alcohol Poisoning a dangerous condition that results when a person drinks excessive amounts of alcohol over a short period of time.
Cirrhosis a disease characterized by scarring and eventual destruction of the liver.
Binge Drinking the consumption of a large quantity of alcohol in a very short period of time
Inhibition a conscious or unconscious restraint of a person’s own behaviors or actions
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome a group of alcohol
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