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Vocabulary Unit 1


8th Grade Unit 1 Vocabulary
Cardiovascular Endurance a measure of how efficiently your heart and lungs work when you exercise and how quickly they return to normal when you stop.
Muscular Strength measure of the most weight you can lift or the most force you can exert at one time
Muscular Endurance A measure of a muscle’s ability to repeatedly exert a force over a prolonged period of time
Flexibility the ability of your body’s joints to move easily through a full range of motion
Body composition the ratio of body fat to lean body tissue, such as bone, muscle and fluid
Sedentary Lifestyle a way of life that includes little physical activity
Peer people in the same age group
Peer Pressure the influence to go along with the beliefs and actions of other people of your age
Negative Peer Pressure involves behaviors that can damage your health, hurt others or get someone into trouble
Resistance Skills Communication strategies that help you say no effectively
Problem Solving the process of working through details of an obstacle or issue
Decision Making the process of making a choice or finding a solution
Values the beliefs and principles that guide the way a person lives
Influence a power indirectly affecting a person or an action
Goal setting the process of working toward something that you want to accomplish
Short term goals
Long term goals
Social Health the ability to get along with the people around you
Role a part you play when you interact with another person
Tolerance the ability to value other people as they are
Created by: Jaytucker4_