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Sociology T2

Major concerns of sociologists concerning media and social issues media desensitizes
What are ICTs Information and communication technologies
How does the media confer status and favor privileged groups? Media targets those groups of people who are most likely watching that channel. Ex: If the privileged group of people owning televisions was whit then most commercials are going to feature white actors/actresses promoting the products being advertised
How does mass media act as an enforcer of social norms? Reinforces behavior and increases/decreases in certain types of behavior linked to frequency of advertising and/or service announcements
Understand product placement Advertisers can influence the content of media Ex: In the movie Billy Madison eats a subway sandwich for lunch thus advertising for subway within the movie, influences watchers to go get subway
How does the media contribute to and reflect globalization aside from the internet, all other forms of media are largely controlled and owned by only a handful of global corporations. The internet has created a "global village" through world-wide communication networks
Understand surveillance function The collection and distribution of information concerning events in the social environment
Conflict perspectives on the media The media tends to both reflect and perpetuate divisions in society, media maintains the status of privileged groups, the media constructs reality through its promotion of dominant ideology, media monitoring, the digital divide, internet: luxury-necessity
feminist perspective on the media Basically maintains a conflict perspective centered on underrepresentation. Maintains that women are underrepresented, and when represented often cast in stereotypical rules. Media emphasizes traditional sex roles and normalizing violence against women
Understand the term digital divide Term describing the reality that not all groups of people have the same access to the interject
Know the agents of socialization peers, government, employees, parents, etc
norms and sanctions norms are guidelines or social rules of behavior and sanctions are a form of punishment against violation of different norms
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