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Health Ch. 5

mental and emotional health

Mental and Emotional Health the ability to handle the stresses and changes of everyday life in a reasonable way.
personality a combination of your feelings, likes,dislikes, attitudes,abilities and habits
empathy identifying with and sharing another person's feelings
resilience the ability to recover from problems or loss
self concept the way you view yourself overall
self-esteem how you feel about yourself
optimistic having a positive attitude about the future
confidence belief in your ability to do what you set out to do
emotions feelings such as love,joy, or fear
mood swings frequent changes in emotional state
stress the body's response to real or imagined dangers or other life events
positive stress stress that can help you reach your goals
distress (negative stress) stress that prevents you from doing what you need to do, or causes you discomfort
stressors source of stress
fight or flight response the body's way of responding to threats
adrenaline a hormone that increases the level of sugar in the blood, giving your body extra energy
fatique tiredness
resources places to get info, support and advice
referral a suggestion to seek help or info from another person or place
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