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Ch. 12

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness The ability to carry out daily tasks easily & have enough reserve energy to respond to unexpected demands
Exercise Purposeful activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive & that improves or maintains physical fitness.
Flexibility The ability to move your body parts through your full range of motion.
Muscular Strength The amount of force your muscles can exert
Muscular endurance The ability of your muscles to perform physical tasks over a period or time without tiring.
Anaerobic Exercise Exercise that involves short bursts of activity in which the nuscles work so hard that they produce energy without using oxygen.
workout The part of an exercise session when you are exercising at your highest peak.
resting heart rate The number of times your heart beats per minute when you are not active.
heatstroke a dangerous condition in which the body loses its ability to cool itself through perspiration
sprain an injury to the ligaments around a joint
sedentary life involving little physical activity
isometric exercise Use muscle tension to improve strength with little or no movement of the body part
P.R.I.C.E. procedure Protection Rest Ice Compression Elevation
How many minutes of physical activity should teens get most days of the week? 60 min per day
Symptoms of heat exhaustion vomiting, heavy sweating, cold clammy skin, dizziness or fainting, confusion, weak rapid pulse, cramps, nausea, shortness of breath
5 benefits of exercise stress relief, appearance, heart & lung fitness, improved self-esteem, strength, endurance, reduce injury, reduce heart disease
List 5 things a person must do to achieve total fitness (other than exercise) nutrition, not smoking, reduce stress, recreation, social health, set goals, sleep & rest, no drugs, relaxation, good medical care, mental health, make good decisions
Name 3 fitness tests we did in class and the component of fitness it measures. 1. sit & reach - flexibility 2. Push-ups - strength & endurance 3. Step Test- cardio-respiratory endurance 4. Sit-ups - strength & endurance 5. Standing long jump - strength
List 3 aerobic activities zumba, jogging, swimming laps, biking, hiking, basketball, soccer, cross country skiing, raquetball
Average resting heart rate 72 beats per minute
Normal Blood Pressure 120/80
Normal Lung Volume for a teenager 2000-3000cm3 or 3/4 - 1.5 L
Normal body fat % for a teenage female 16% - 23%
Normal body fat % for a teenage male 11% - 18%
List 3 anaerobic activities sprints, baseball, weightlifting, volleyball, bowling
Created by: Mrs.Coons