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Ch. 10-11


6 Nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water
3 Nutrients that provide energy or calories Carbohydrates, proteins, fats
Meats, Beans & Eggs - what is their most abundant nutrient? proteins
Which nutrient does your body burn or digest the fastest? carbohydrates
Which are nutrients that your body burns or digests the slowests? fats
Which nutrients add flavor to food? fats
Name the 2 nutrients that provide 4 calories/gram proteins, carbohydrates
Name 2 vitamins that are fat soluble A, D, E, K
What is the most important nutrient? water
How many glasses of water should you drink daily? 8 - 10 glasses
Which nutrient provides 9 calories/gram? fats
Name the 2 vitamins that are water-soluble. B, C
Why we eat the way we do or why we make the food choices we make...(5 reasons) culture, family, friends, time & money, advertising
Which tissue weighs more, fat or muscle? muscle tissue
When should you consume the most calories for optimal energy throughout your day? breakfast
How many calories are in 1 pound of body weight? 3,500
How many calories should the average female teenager consume daily? 1800 - 2,300 calories daily
How many calories should the average male teenager consume daily? 2,300 - 3000 calories daily
Name the eating disorder in which one binges and purges food bulimia
Name the eating disorder where one does extreme fasting and over-exercising anorexia
What are the risks of being over-weight? 1. Low self-esteem 2. High Blood Pressure 3. Diabetes 4. High cholesterol 5. some cancers 6. atherosclerosis
What are risks of being under-weight? 1. low energy 2. malnutrition 3. tire more easily & quickly 4. osteoporosis 5. anemia 6. anorexia 7. bulimia 8. difficulty fighting infection/healing
Healthy ways to lose weight 1. target your weight 2. set smart goals 3. write down your plan 4. eat fewer calories/day 5. burn more calories 6. eat slower/take small bites 7. drink more water
List 5 food groups Grains, Fruits & vegetables, Milk, Proteins, Fats
List recommended daily servings for each food group Grains 6-11, Fruits & Vegetables 5-9, Milk 2-3, Proteins 2-3, Fats 0-1
Created by: Mrs.Coons